"Our marketplace features over 60 HRTech providers servicing the Singapore talent marketplace"



October 2019

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No mind-numbing presentations. Only high-quality demos of cutting-edge HR technology solutions in “Talent Acquisition & Candidate Experience".


October 2019

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HR & Learning Show Asia

Conference and exhibition featuring 60 seminars and 50 exhibitors showcasing the latest technology solutions for HR professionals in Asia



September 2019

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No mind-numbing presentations. Only high-quality demos of cutting-edge HR technology solutions in “Talent Engagement & Performance Management”.

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“HR managers spend a huge amount of time on paperwork and such processes can be integrated into an employee app, allowing more time...”

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Simplifying Employee Bonus Programs


Naveen Veda
Co-Founder, Laserbeam Software

“When we got to the details as to how they (enterprises) manage the (compensation) programs, it’s often on a spread sheet with formulae and macros..”

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“In fact, a new term has been coined to describe the people that will take on this challenge – they are known as the Adaptive Talents. These Adaptive Talents will evolve with the technologies..”

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Establishing Agility in HR


Nigel Lim
Co-Founder & CEO, Payboy

“There are many tools available online that can aid organisations in adopting agile practises for HR. My suggestion is to consistently test your policies to optimise for simplicity.”

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“Once the role is out in the market for a long period of time, most candidates hesitate to consider it, as they believe something is ‘wrong’ with the role or the manager or the organization ...”

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“Having stronger people analytics functions enables you to dig deeper into your people metrics to discover trends and insights. It is important for HR to have access to an integrated view…”

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“Using modern recruiting technology that provides a great candidate experience will help candidates see your company in a positive light, and thus improve your employer branding..”

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“…we believe every candidate should have a chance to showcase their talent, not just some. This removes bias from the hiring process and levels the playing field”

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It’s About Time Recruitment Got Automated


Emmanuel Crouy
Co-Founder & CEO, GrabJobs

“By combining the power of targeted digital job ads with multi-channel job posting, you can reduce the amount of unqualified applicants while saving time..”

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“Gamification redefines recruitment by bringing science and fun to the art of recruitment. It introduces an exciting and equalizing element..”

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“The great news is that machine learning can help you connect with applicants a lot earlier in the hiring process. Candidates don’t want computers; they want people.”

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“Since time immemorial, all great things we have achieved as a race have happened when we have acknowledged a problem, approached with an open mind..”

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We are a Singapore-headquartered HRTech Advisory firm, striving to create the greatest possible value for enterprise clients by matching the right HRTech solutions to address their business and talent challenges. After all, enterprises that focus on HRTech as part of their transformational agenda are creating sustainable economic value and better workplace experience for their employees.

As Talent Advisors and HRTech Advocates, we work in tandem with our clients to identify the right HRTech solution that addresses their needs. During the entire journey with the client, we always ensure that all aspects of the CHRO’s transformation agenda are kept in mind”.

Our services include:

  • HRTech Trends: Share industry trends and insights through blogs, reports and research articles.
  • HRTech Advisory: Bespoke advisory services that include ascertaining the problem; providing recommendations; and working closely to implement the identified solution.
  • HRTech Marketplace: Singapore’s first, exclusive and curated marketplace of HRTech solution providers to enable enterprises to choose the best solution for their needs.


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