We are a Singapore-headquartered HRTech Advisory firm, striving to create the greatest possible value for enterprise clients by matching the right HRTech solutions to address their business and talent challenges. After all, enterprises that focus on HRTech as part of their transformational agenda are creating sustainable economic value and better workplace experience for their employees.

As Talent Advisors and HRTech Advocates, we work in tandem with our clients to identify the right HRTech solution that addresses their needs. During the entire journey with the client, we always ensure that all aspects of the CHRO’s transformation agenda are kept in mind”.

Our services include:

  • HRTech Trends: Share industry trends and insights through blogs, reports and research articles.
  • HRTech Advisory: Bespoke advisory services that include ascertaining the problem; providing recommendations; and working closely to implement the identified solution.
  • HRTech Marketplace: Singapore’s first, exclusive and curated marketplace of HRTech solution providers to enable enterprises to choose the best solution for their needs.


“hrtech.sg has a strong pulse of the HRTech marketplace and were able to quickly identify the problem and advise us on the best-fit solution”

Navin Ravindran, Director , Alstro

“hrtech.sg was able to share HRTech market trends and insights and also provided expert advice that we needed to help us make important business decisions. Truly, best-in-class consulting capabilities”

Prosun Ghosh, Ariston Partners


“The first step to engaging your mobile workforce is to find a digital communication tool that addresses your specific operations and communication needs”

Andy G. Schmidt, Founder & CEO, Beekeeper Communication

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“Of course, if we look at HR technology engagement, one could argue that every time a ‘user’ (diner) consumes a piece of your HR Technology (tasty dish) it should be treated as a special occasion. Configurations may appear to be more manageable, but by their very nature they are ..

Richard Hanson, CEO – Jobable

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“For any organization that is moving from annual appraisal mode to continuous performance management, it is a change in culture. Organizations which adopt this culture will be able to keep their employees engaged and drive towards performance”

Shankar Krishnamoorthy, Co-Founder & CEO, Synergita

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"Artificial Intelligence (AI) has changed the global business environment as we know it, and this is most apparent through changes in traditional HR practices brought about by the emergence of cognitive technology. From hiring, payroll to team ..

-By Team Wantedly (www.wantedly.com)

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"The roles and functionality of Chatbots have advanced significantly, thanks to advancement in cloud computing powers. The question really is to have clarity of your Bot’s purpose and taking the first step to understand how bots can work virtually ..

By Jian Hong Tan, CEO & Co-Founder,Su-Ette

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“Today tools such as AI and machine learning, video and chatbots will enable recruiters to find qualified candidates faster. But they can’t replace the human touch in recruiting.”

By Sujo John (Business Head ― Monster.com, South East Asia & Hong Kong)

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