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1. Classroom/blended Programs- Our classroom/blended Programs stand apart owing to their learner centricity, strong action bias and proprietor process approach. Our flagship classroom/blended Programs include leadership programs slicing through people dimension(first time managers, managers of managers, senior leaders) , performance dimension(building high performance teams, building high performance organisation) and future dimension for CXOs and managerial capability building programs like negotiation skills, manager as coach, conflict management skills, influencing skills, interpersonal skills, high impact speaking program among others.

2. Digital programs - We offer certain generic off the shelf digital programs as well as bespoke digital programs for corporates. We take pride in our proprietary platform I-meta which is one of the most comprehensive learning platforms in the industry. I-meta is capable of hosting a multitude of digital learning solutions in different formats and structures like micro-learning solution (byte sized learning), gamified learning, game-based learning, social learning. The platform is also available as mobile app enabling on the go mobile access to all the learning modules. Few of our off- the-shelf programs include liffy-learn in a jiffy (a micro-learning program designed specifically for millennials), design thinking, digital marketing, analytics among others while to name a few digital stencils we have digital induction, digital orientation, digital development and digital assessment.

3. Immersive learning solutions - With more than 3 years of intensive research in immersive learning solutions and XR (AR/VR/MR) technology, we stand at the cutting edge of it. Be it the understanding on its utility and relevance wrt learning or the application areas, we offer you the best. While we work closely with organisations to recommend specific use cases for their requirements, we have also come up with certain industry agnostic use cases including AR/VR led induction, AR walls/AR enables shopfloor/work space, zap zones among others.

4. AI led learning solutions - We have also been working with Artificial intelligence to make learning deeply customized, contextualized and personalized. We are building series of AI to make this happen. As we speak three AI agents are under works - Radio, Savio and Palio serving different learning requirements, while another 20 more are under research...

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