Voice of Employees

Amara (an embodied conversational AI chatbot) can proactively chat with your employees & candidates at critical touch points and predicts those who are disengaged and are not happy. She can interact with employees & candidates and generate following reports in real time:

  • How is the overall Mood in the company?
  • Who all are facing issues and are not happy?
  • How happy are my candidates?

Amara can interact with your employees at different milestones in their employee lifecycle to assess how an employee feels about his role in the company and generate triggers based on data about high-risk & unhappy employees.

Stage 1: Campaign Design
Define the objective, set up the flow, select the questions to be asked during different milestone of an employee's lifecycle and you are ready to launch.

Stage 2: Personalized conversation with employees
Amara initiates a discussion with employees in a personalized manner to understand their experience & pain points, empathize with them and give a confidence that their voice is heard.

Stage 3: Time to take action!
Amara will use predictive analytics to monitor employee sentiments and generate triggers based on data about the potential loss of an employee.

Employee engagement



Candidate experience

retain talent

predictive analysis