Create Effective Training with Nano Learning



Create Effective Training with Nano Learning

Product Highlights

  1. Bite-sized: For Just-in-time Learning in the Flow of Work. In multiple languages, for all staff levels
  2. Mobile-First: Interactive Training & Assessment Delivered Securely to Smart Devices Browsers for Frictionless Access
  3. Data-Driven: Learner Analytics for HR and L&D to identify staffs’ skill gaps and implement necessary interventions

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Product Summary

Our Nano Learning platform helps to improve employee job performance through effective, bite-sized mobile training.


ArcLab helps organisations to create effective training for employees to access on their mobile devices. No Coding. No Mobile App. No Fuss.

ArcLab provides extensive training templates and analytics to measure employee learning. This helps organisations to continuously upskill and retrain employees, especially useful for mobile and non-deskbound workforces.

ArcLab's Learning & Development offering is a web-based Software-as-a-service; organisations do not need to install or integrate any software.

Creating content is always free with ArcLab. All you pay are affordable subscriptions for unique ACTIVE learners, regardless of how much Nano Learning content they consume.

What are the benefits of ArcLab's Nano Learning?

1. Flexible: Nano Learning offers much-needed flexibility to each learner. Amid the growing demands of modern life, learners rarely find time for long training courses. By delivering knowledge in bite-sized modules, Nano Learning lends itself to on-demand learning—as and when learners have pockets of free time.

2. Engaging: Interactive Nano Learning is highly engaging. By using multimedia such as audio, video and pictures, Nano Learning captures the attention of learners. With the average human attention span at just 8 seconds, engaging content is needed to maximise concentration and learning.

3. Just-in-time: Nano Learning facilitates just-in-time training. Be it a flight attendant who is flying in a new aircraft, or an insurance agent who is meeting his first client, team members can benefit from a quick primer or refresher about the task at hand. As nano learning courses are self-contained and distil key content, they are the best way to deliver just-in-time training.

Is ArcLab a Learning Management System (LMS)? ArcLab is a dedicated web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) learning & development tool that helps organisations build and host learning content for their teams. ArcLab has 'LMS' features that help you perform user and content management, and a dashboard to view learner performance. You can use ArcLab alongside your existing LMS systems, HR Management systems and training courses. Learning data can be outputted to external spreadsheets for you to analyse and use at your leisure. 

How to use ArcLab? ArcLab’s platform provides a set of simple and intuitive tools to build the nano learning content you desire to deliver easily to your workforce and improve their performance.

Who creates the content? It’s entirely up to you. With ArcLab Basic and ArcLab Pro, take advantage of our suite of tools and templates to build your own learning content. Our software is designed with the user organisation (that's you!) in mind, so it’s simple to get started. To further guide you along, we will have periodic ArcLab L&D and content creation clinics, which covers our platform’s full functionalities. Get started here. ArcLab’s Instructional Design Team can also work alongside you through ArcLab Enterprise. Under this framework, our team takes the learning content that you provide, and develops an engaging learning journey that meets your organisation’s unique needs. Reach us to get started.

Who owns the content? Your training content is proprietary and precious to you, and YOU will always own it. ArcLab simply provides you with the tools to best package your training content, before deploying it to your team. See our T&C and Privacy pages for the full details on how we protect your intellectual property and data.

Take advantage of FREE LEARNER SUBSCRIPTIONS for your 1st ArcLab Nano Learning module with Promo code ArcLabHrtechsg

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