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Arctic Shores

Data-Driven People Insights

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  1. A way to clear those age-old hiring hurdles. Use candidate behaviour to make that leap you've been looking for.
  2. See more in your candidates, with an assessment that uses interactive tasks to measure real behaviour.
  3. Enjoy hiring that’s fast, predictive & cost-effective; inclusive & unbiased; truly engaging; remote-ready

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Arctic Shores

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Assessments that combine neuroscience & game tech to generate data-driven insights for predictive hiring


Arctic Shores’ behavior-based assessments combine neuroscience, psychometrics and game technology. Our assessment apps differ from traditional psychometric tests in that each level is based on a historically validated neuroscientific task, gathering thousands of data points.

We are trying to solve the problem of bias and poor candidate experience in recruitment. Our apps capture applicants’ natural responses and behavioral preferences, so there is no room for self-report bias to creep in where someone may attempt to skew their answers to appear “more desirable”.

Once candidates have completed the assessment, they receive a report outlining their natural behavioral strengths and areas of development - even if they were unsuccessful at reaching the next stage of the process. This is our way of giving something back to the candidate who has invested the time applying for the job and completing the assessment.

In addition, the game-like elements and the app-based interface provides a more engaging and less stressful candidate experience. Often, candidates forget that they are being assessed!

Arctic Shores offers data-driven assessment and development solutions to help hire, train and retain your employees :


Skyrise City and CareerRise : Our most popular behavioural assessments place your candidates in a futuristic office setting with up to nine levels, measuring 33 personality and cognitive traits. These include traits such as resilience and emotional stability, areas of personality that hard to objectively assess through self-report questionnaires. Additionally, our assessments are suitable for individuals with learning disabilities or impairments such as dyslexia and colour blindness, and in fact allow them to showcase their fit for a role more effectively than traditional measures. 

Graduates and Apprentices : These assessments have been designed for everyone, young or old, male or female, including those not familiar with psychometrics, who may struggle with paper-based tests, or find traditional assessments tedious. Our research has shown that the immersive nature and app-based interface of our assessment reduces feelings of anxiety. A total of 81% of candidates felt more relaxed when taking our assessments compared with traditional methods. Our assessments can be customised to include branding elements 


Do you struggle with your high volume recruitment campaigns? Do you find it challenging to effectively sift through the mountain of contact centre applicants and suffer from high staff turnover? Are you overwhelmed by the number of applicants for your retail positions? Our behavioural assessments and resulting ‘fit score’ enables you to drill into each candidate’s natural areas of strength and potential. The assessments measure genuine behaviours, which are predictive of workplace performance.


Hiring the right person for your organisation is essential to achieving business objectives. Additionally, hiring the wrong person can be costly and time-consuming, and can impact your bottom line. Our psychometrics combine neuroscience tasks with game technology, measuring behaviours that are important to any role but also key workplace traits that are hard to measure in any other way such as resilience, future orientation, learning agility and innovation potential.

A CV alone won’t provide a reliable data set of how an experienced candidate will perform on the job. Our psychometrics not only provide you with information about their natural fit for the role and organisational culture, but also their areas of development and challenges they may encounter. 

Improve the calibre and fit of your experienced hires by objectively assessing candidates using our behavioural psychometrics and help them recognise their leadership styles! By going beyond competencies, candidates can focus on actions they need to take across all aspects of their natural behaviours to enhance their performance. Our experienced hire tools are bespoke, can be branded, and our development reports are tailored to your company competencies. Find out more about our custom apps here. 


Our assessment solutions can aid your HR teams beyond the hiring process – at the onboarding stage and throughout the employee life cycle. Our employee development tool provides you with detailed reports to guide your teams on how to improve on development areas and utilise their strengths. The information generated in our report can be easily transformed into actionable, SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-based) objectives for your employees to work towards. By going beyond competencies, candidates can focus on actions they need to take across all aspects of their natural behaviours to enhance their performance. Each of our solutions are bespoke and can be branded and tailored to your company competencies.

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