The fastest way to get to know your candidates.

Agencies, talent marketplaces & in-house teams all want maximum efficiency per recruiter. Effective screening of candidates is the biggest driver of recruiter efficiency.

With Astronaut, recruiters can see (& share with key decision- makers) videos of candidates, eliminating the need for CV screening, phone screening and 1st-round interviews. This means 40% drop (often more) in time-to-hire by empowering hiring managers, and screening costs reduced by 70-80%.

Astronaut is a cloud-based (SaaS & PaaS) mobile & web application (using asynchronous video) for conducting question-based interviews & assessments for cognitive, personality & soft skills more. It is available direct or via third- party platforms via the Astronaut API/SDK. Astronaut is mobile- first and functions in low bandwidth environments.

Where to use Astronaut?
1. Video screening / assessment (in-house teams)
2. Video screening / assessment (RPO teams)
3. Talent pooling (in-house teams & agencies)
4. Customisable psychometric questions (in-house teams)
5. Branded, job landing pages
6. Integrated into ATS & CRMs (in-house teams)

How to use Astronaut?
Recruiters choose the questions, set the deadline & send invites. When convenient, the candidates give their video answers (with no ability to cheat) using the Astronaut web & mobile apps. It takes the candidate only 5 to 10 minutes. No travelling, no scheduling & no waiting for anyone.

How to get started?
Try Astronaut for free (with full support), after which choose how many candidates you want to screen for the next 12 months and we’ll work with your team to match your objectives.