Gold-Medal winning Avvanz provides:

•     Pre-Employment and In-Employment Background Checks covering 150+ countries

•     Gamified Training solutions to get your workforce Digitally ready and transform your organization

Avvanz provides detailed and auditable Background Screening process that is compliant with Personal Data Protection Acts. The team of background check experts can advise the optimal and smart mix of checks that would need to be conducted based on the risks associated with your industry, the roles, functions and levels of your human assets.

 Avvanz’s Digital Training solutions include a broad library of Off-the-Shelf e-learning solutions as well as    customized game-based learning and gamification possibilities.

Avvanz believes in spaced learning which is a form of Blended Training. This encompasses pre-work, Assessment, pre-learning and "RECALL" checkpoints to aid the retention and continuous application of the acquired knowledge. These checkpoints can be in form of micro-learning kits and job aids.

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