Biotemp by Timecentral

Temperature Screening & Face Recognition with built-in Biometric Attendance.

BIOTEMP by TimeCentral is a Contactless Temperature Screening + Face Recognition biometric device solution; built with simplicity, speed of implementation and clients' data protection in mind. (80% Grant support under Enterprise Singapore's Productivity Solutions Grant as a pre-approved solution)

A full stack solution - Hardware device, Installation, Configuration, Training, Mobile app and Cloud access.

Salient features: 

  • Automated Contact-less Temperature Measurement pushed to the cloud.
  • 1 second Facial Recognition even with mask on/enforcement of mask wearing
  • Door Access by Face recognition with Liveness detection
  • Contact Tracing with attendance management
  • 100% Cloud platform access to attendance, temperature & visitor management
  • AI Based Alerts, Reports & Statistics
  • SafeEntry App integration with QR code
  • ISO 27001 Certified Solution

Key features include: 

  • Get both attendance and temperature readings without touching any surface in one fixed facial recognition system.
  • Based on your region, set the temperature mode to Celsius or Fahrenheit and the threshold accordingly.
  • Non-contact measurement of temperature readings of registered users i.e. employees and visitors at all times.
  • Recognizing and alerting abnormal or high temperatures.
  • Works 100% over the cloud, you need not worry as your data is securely stored and backup
  • Stay connected across the nation or the globe in one integrated system for all your offices in multiple time zones.
  • Attendance, as well as temperature records are transferred in real-time making it easy for tracking and checking.
  • Scalable as the business grows; start with few employees and one device, eventually you can add more.
  • Security: ISO 27001 certified; our security practices and our commitment to safeguarding clients’ data

Why choose BIOTEMP:  

BIOTEMP provides contactless authentication of attendance and temperature recording in a safe and effective way. It performs facial recognition and temperature screening in about a second and is also capable of recognizing while a mask is worn.

100% cloud platform system that can perform non-contact temperature measurement of employees and visitors. It is equipped with a facial recognition system to verify the identity of the individual and includes alerts & alarm to administrators for personnel with temperature reading above a certain temperature level.

Realtime push to Cloud: Attendance, as well as temperature records, are transferred in real-time making it easy for tracking and checking at the head office or operation center. Prompting High Temperature alerts and other configured reminders. 

Multi Time Zones: Works across the globe that lets you stay connected across the nation or the globe in one integrated system for all your offices in multiple time zones. TimeCentral platform unifies various devices to make sure stationed as well as mobile workforce is all covered 

Visitor Temperature Recording: Due to the evolving COVID-19 situation, employers must put in place stringent measures to safeguard the health of their staff and visitor which includes temperature screening, health declaration and ensuring safe distancing measures are observed at all times.

BIOTEMP facilitates temperature taking by facial recognition sensors and recording of visitor details without physical contact. This will speed up the whole process faster and reduce physical contact. All offices who have adopted a temporary solution can now look forward to our automated solution that track visitors with their temperature readings daily.

Automated reports: Get daily reports via email or view it on the browser like Employee Attendance and Temperature Report, Visitor Temperature Report, High-Temperature Report, High-Temperature email notification, Daily Attendance and Temperature Reports.

ISO 27001 certification: BIOTEMP by TimeCentral is an ISO:27001 certified platform making sure client's data is safeguarded

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