Jul 09 2021

How Gamification is Revolutionizing Pre-Employment Assessments

“In the current candidate-driven market, most hiring managers recognize the need to evolve their recruitment approach to attract the tech-savvy generations. ”

by  Shail Niazi, Co-Founder & Managing Director, The Talent Games

Being an avid video gamer and a passionate out-of-the-box thinker, I am always trying to push boundaries at The Talent Games. In fact, our company itself was a result of me and Paul Keijzer (co-founder of The Talent Games) experimenting with emerging technologies in an effort to improve the mundane HR processes.

In the current candidate-driven market, most hiring managers recognize the need to evolve their recruitment approach to attract the tech-savvy generations. And what better way to entice the candidates than with gamification.

Speaking of gamification, what makes it such an interesting solution is its versatility. It’s currently being used in various industries – from marketing to healthcare to education. Likewise, the application of game mechanics in hiring is changing the recruitment landscape, making the dull and time-consuming screening process much more appealing.

Gamified assessments have the unique ability, unlike the traditional assessments, to test candidates against specific traits that the employer highly regards and expects from its workforce. Let me tell you some ways recruitment games can give you an edge over your competitors:

Improve the candidate experience

Gamified assessments assess candidates on multiple facets of their abilities and skills, not just on the depth of their resume. These AI-powered tests provide recruiters the opportunity to exclude demographic data, giving all applicants an equal chance to shine.

Moreover, as the gamification landscape is familiar territory to the majority of people, candidates are able to give their best and present their true abilities in a fun environment. This, in turn, enhances the candidate experience and encourages more people to work for your company.

Hire in bulk

With knock-out questions and situational judgment tests, gamified basements allow recruiters to weed out unqualified applicants in the very beginning. This also allows talent acquisition professionals to handle high-volume recruiting as they can evaluate multiple candidates at the same time.

What’s more, a lot of precious time that could have been wasted on interviewing incompetent candidates is also saved.

Avoid making a bad hire

The other day I came across research by Career Builder, according to which 74% of employers admit hiring the wrong person for a job position. I believe hiring the wrong candidate can be largely attributed to the inefficient screening process that fails to assess individuals on different aspects.

Here’s where gamified assessments come to rescue. As a holistic pre-screening tool, recruitment games assess people on their personality traits, emotional intelligence, cognitive abilities and other relevant skills required to efficiently perform the job. As a result, only the right fit for the company gets hired.

Boost your employer brand

Did you know that 75% of applicants consider an employer’s brand even before applying for a job? Using gamified assessments, employers can enhance their employer brand by showcasing their organization’s values, vision and culture via the game design, thus boosting the brand image as well as ensuring candidates get a softer landing walking into a new organization once they are hired.

An HR professional with 10+ industry experience, also a tech entrepreneur, business consultant and an ardent video gamer, Shail is the co-founder & Managing Director at The Talent Games and Founder & CEO at Galvico.

Boasting over a decade of experience in Organizational Strategy Development and Talent Management, Shail has made a reputation for himself as a disruptive game-changer with a knack for finding opportunities where others see challenges.

Connect with Shail: shail@thetalentgames.com | LinkedIn


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