Aug 28 2019

How Mobile Apps are Transforming Human Resources

“HR managers spend a huge amount of time on paperwork and such processes can be integrated into an employee app, allowing more time for what they’d rather be doing: Strategic HR planning.”

by  KC Kwa, CEO, JustLogin

Today’s mobile HR technology lets you push time sensitive tasks that can be addressed in the moment anytime and anywhere. 59 percent of workplace leaders say they plan to add mobile apps that help employees better navigate the workplace and enhance collaboration.

Benefits of Mobile HR service
The availability of data is critical for a globally distributed workforce as having a mobile HR service could facilitate the workforce from any remote location. Mobile access keeps company’s workflow moving faster and employees more engaged, improving employee satisfaction. Employees also thus feel more empowered by having better tools which impacts retention of good talent. Lastly, companies that invest in creating a great employee experience are 4 times more profitable than companies that don’t invest.


What does Mobile HR look like?
Mobile HR apps help put data at employees’ fingertips but what does that really mean?

Employee Self-Services:
By harnessing the power of mobile and cloud technology, employees will be able to check one’s payslip, submit a leave request, check the number of work hours clocked for the current month, clock in & out with selfies and check upcoming change in shifts anytime and anywhere. A comprehensive workplace app coupled with clean interface makes daily HR matters for employees a positive one boosting employee satisfaction.

Manager Self-Services
HR managers spend a huge amount of time on paperwork and such processes can be integrated into an employee app, allowing more time for what they’d rather be doing: Strategic HR planning. An advanced app enables integrated functions like time management systems, leave management systems and payroll systems. With mobile apps, HR managers can automate processes timelier such as checking staff leave calendars and approve employees leave requests on the go.

Adoption Challenges
A handful of today’s senior HR executives still do not prioritize efforts to modernize HR systems or are not technology focused as they fear the cost and added complexity of adopting new technologies. Junior executives may also simply not have the time to get involved with their ever-growing manual to-do-list. Furthermore, many in HR still perceive technology adoption as an IT responsibility. As such, people see it as a “Systems project” rather than an organisational development and culture change initiative. However, if companies are not fully committed to HR transformation, they will fall behind their competitors especially mobile which drives employee productivity and engagement timelier than desktop communications.

Going mobile without all the headaches
Our team has designed JustMobile - payroll, leave & time attendance to satisfy HR user experience for both HR managers and employees. We understand everyone has their own HR needs, so our team has launched a variety of widgets to cater to a customisable dashboard for every employee.


With almost 20 years of experience in HR, you will be empowered with a tool reliable and secured to run daily time sensitive tasks. Get in touch with us to learn how small businesses leverage our tools to enhance their overall employee experience.

 KC has more than 30 years of experience in software product development and management. Before JustLogin, he was the Head of IT in DSO National Laboratory and subsequently deputy General Manager in ST Electronics Ltd responsible for software R&D and Operations. In 2017, KC Kwa won in the Established Entrepreneur category at the Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. LinkedIn


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