May 21 2021

HRMS Software: The key tool for your digital transformation

“We’ve observed that the adoption within the organisation has slowed down because many employees experience fear of adopting new technologies.”

by  Nigel Lim, Managing Director, Payboy

An open letter to all HR colleagues:

You need to help your people overcome their fear of digitalisation.

We’ve observed that the adoption within the organisation has slowed down because many employees experience fear of adopting new technologies. The fear comes in many forms - job redundancy, an explicit fear of looking stupid adopting the technology, and fear that they cannot adapt to the new processes.

This fear grips the organisation in a stranglehold and the more employees you have in your organisation that has this fear, the slower your organisation moves forward with the digitalisation process.

HR must be an evangelist in the digital transformation process and need to play an active part in helping your colleagues overcome this fear, through coaching, training or any means possible.

I suggest helping your colleagues adopt lightweight solutions that can help them with their work and show them that tasks can be made more efficient through digitalisation.

For example, at Payboy, one of the tasks we considered lightweight was moving all our work communications from WhatsApp to Slack and have our employees download the Slack mobile application and desktop application. This allowed us to have asynchronous conversations and search for past records on a single app. We also implemented the google suite of work services and all our documents and slides are now managed on google.

The transition wasn’t easy for us and we had to constantly remind our employees to use the proper channels for work.

Some of our clients chose to digitalise their HR processes as the lightweight option. It makes sense given that most employees are already submitting Leave application and Medical Certificates through WhatsApp. Having a dedicated mobile app like Payboy to submit Leaves and Claims was simply reminding employees to use a new workflow. Employees also have more visibility on how much leaves they have remaining when making the leave application in comparison to using WhatsApp.

All in all, there are many ways to start your digital transformation journey and I strongly advise my fellow HR colleagues to start with small, lightweight solutions to show your colleagues the ease of adopting digital solutions and help build their confidence in adopting more technology.

You can find Payboy on Marketplace & the 2021 Singapore HRTech Marketmap. 


Nigel is the co-founder of Payboy, a Payroll & HR Software serving small & medium sized businesses with complex payroll needs. Payboy currently serves more than 1000 companies on their payroll & HR needs. Nigel is passionate in helping HR alleviate their administrative pains and refocus their efforts to helping their employees grow within their company. Linkedin


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