Jan 21 2022

Improving HR Efficiency & Productivity with Info-Tech

“It may sound cliché but happy employees mean happy customers because they will be more than happy to bring their A-game, stay intellectually engaged & interested in their work. Beyond good salary, most employees are also driven by job satisfaction”

by  Dilip Babu , CEO, Info-Tech Systems Integrators

Ever had one of those mornings where you have planned your day for maximum productivity at work and only to find that by afternoon, you have not accomplished a single thing on your list? Or have you ever felt that you didn’t get enough done after a long day at work? It happens.. but this should not be prolonged as it could lead to physical and mental exhaustion, which causes low productivity and even health problems.

It may sound cliché but happy employees mean happy customers because they will be more than happy to bring their A-game, stay intellectually engaged and be interested in their work. Beyond good salary, most employees are also driven by job satisfaction - doing meaningful work and not just getting the job done.

Developing a more streamlined business workflow and processes in the organization using digital technology is extremely important in today’s era. It is not only improving the operational efficiency of the organization but also freeing up man-hours - employees can have more time to focus on other tasks that allows them to think more strategically. Of course, there are many businesses that get so used to the existing processes which they adopted for years and no doubt they get the right result but how to further improve and create more efficiency around the processes as the business grows?

By adopting digital solutions like Info-Tech Cloud-Based Human Resource Management System, employers and employees will gain access to a centralized platform that enables them to manage all the human resources-related matters anywhere anytime no matter where they are. For example, it allows employees to submit leave applications electronically and managers can approve it instantly via mobile app. Before digitization, some companies will mandate employees to fill up the physical form and send it manually to the approving parties.

It is not a stretch to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every aspect of our lives including the way we work. Workforce separation became the new normal and businesses were forced to pivot in a totally new and almost unfamiliar direction overnight. In response, businesses turned to digital platforms to maintain business continuity and safe management while remaining engaged with employees and clients – many new workflows and processes had been established with the aim to maintain workforce efficiency and productivity while working remotely.

During this pandemic, I have seen a sharp increase in the number of new customers of various industries and sizes such as Manufacturing, Engineering, Food & Beverages and more. At Info-Tech, we strive for excellence and are continuously improving our system to meet the needs of our customers. For instance, we have also developed a new feature such as the “Work From Location” that enables remote working employees to perform daily attendance clocking from their mobile phones. As such, HR professionals will have fewer headaches when it comes to payroll processing while also ensuring employees are working at the right location. It is of utmost importance that we continue to provide only the best for our clients to help them achieve maximum efficiency and growth during this uncertain time.

With temperature checks being a mandatory safe management measure for businesses, Info-Tech has also introduced the Face Recognition and Temperature Scanner that is compatible with the national digital check-in system. Furthermore, the reader also integrates seamlessly with Info-Tech Cloud HR software for easy tracking of time and attendance as well as temperature reading for staff and visitors.

Dilip Babu is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Info-Tech Systems Integrators, he has more than 20 years of experience in leading the human resource software development innovations and businesses with amazing growth. He is a leader who brings passion and positive energy to the workplace every day with strong belief that positivity brings longer-term benefits, they can accomplish far more than teams that struggle with negativity and low morale. His entrepreneur journey has been guided by this ideology – “Before You Say No, Think of A Reason to Say Yes” which stays as the guiding principle for Info-Tech employees and the business. His leadership and continuous effort to drive innovation has helped to transform the business to one of the leading cloud-based HR software providers in Singapore with a strong presence in multiple countries such as Malaysia, Hong Kong, India and Australia in the pipeline.


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