Oct 15 2020

Leveraging HR Technologies for best-in-class Talent Development

“With remote work now becoming a norm, leveraging new-age Learning Technologies as part of the L&D is not just a good-to-have, but a key imperative for success.”

by  Swechha Mohapatra, Senior Consultant - Digital HR, hrtech.sg

The Institute for Human Resource Professionals(IHRP) Tech Talk series in collaboration with hrtech.sg, was initiated as a run-up awareness campaign to the launch of a tech research study commissioned by IHRP and MOM, focusing on the “Impact of Technology on HR jobs and skills”. One of the key insights from the tech research study is that technology can enhance existing HR tasks and jobs, thereby creating new opportunities and possibilities for HR to increase time and resources to pursue strategic value-adding activities to help their organisations transform and grow.

The 4-part IHRP Tech Talk webinar series aimed at helping HR community better understand the importance of adopting a digital HR mindset and to offer greater exposure to the various technologies available to HR. We received an overwhelming response to the HR Tech Talk series which was attended by more than 1500+ participants, hosted 19 speakers, answered 125+ Q&A and administered 8 Polls.

Digital Learning is an Imperative for Driving the Success of Organizations

The current pandemic and the accelerating need for digital adoption has put a sharp spotlight on the widening skill gap of the distributed workforce. Organizations and HR Leaders need to provide L&D opportunities to their employees as they pivot to remote work. This is critical not only to boost professional growth in times of business uncertainties, but also ensure that employees are stronger and more skilled to tackle new challenges in the new normal.

With remote work now becoming a norm, leveraging new-age Learning Technologies as part of the L&D is not just a good-to-have, but a key imperative for success.

For those who missed the webinar, here is a quick summary:

Keep Learning, Stay CURIOUS

The business imperatives should be at the core when embarking on a HR Tech implementation emphasised Chee Keat Koh, Director L&D at Singtel Group. He shared the business need of accelerating the sustainable reskilling of workforce in a fast changing environment(ICT business), transformation of workforce skills and career path for their employees as the key pillars of their HR Digital Transformation strategy that led to the birth of CURIOUS.

CK shared more about CURIOUS -Singtel Group Digital Learning Platform, which is aimed at providing its employees easily accessible on demand bite-sized learning modules, career paths, curated learning journeys etc. and the ROI and impact seen by Singtel HR group post implementation. 

Building a Business Case for L&D Tech

Using Data driven analytics and Insights is a key starting point to support the business case for L&D Technology. Sharing the Yeo’s story, Angelina Chua Group HR Head, Yeo’s highlighted the key components that reduced learning hours(time) and saved cost to bolster their business case for leadership buy-in. While developing a mobile enabled e-learning system for new joiner Onboarding at Yeo’s, the core considerations included need for shared central repository, gaining competitive advantage, redirecting the time saved for deeper employee engagement, time and cost saving by offering learning on the go and enhanced learning opportunities to all team members.

Angelina also shared some the key considerations HR Practitioners could keep in mind while embarking on a Digitalisation journey and selecting a HR Tech tool to include build vs buy vs combination, integrations available, accessibility(mobile, tablets etc) and the user experience for a successful HR tech implementation.

Measuring the ROI of L&D Platforms

Shivanu Shukla, CEO of Teamie, a Social & Mobile Learning Platform used to deliver, register & track online, mobile and blended learning programs, and build learning communities shared the case study of Etiqa insurance and BBP.

Etiqa deployed Teamie platform to adopt a Blended Learning approach to offer convenience/flexibility to their agents and improve cost & time effectiveness of the training programs. The Insurance providers saw improvement in key metrics like 30% Cost Savings (in actual training budget savings), more than 2 times improvement in online CPD Hours Completed (that gives a sense of actual time savings) and over 70K+ hours of Training Target Completion Rate (as a measure of effectiveness of new training approach).

Technology is a Tool to uncover People Potential and Mindsets

Leveraging the power of digital for improving workforce performance through bite-sized Mobile Learning has never been more critical. James Chia, CEO of ArcLab , a mobile learning SaaS platform that empowers organisations to easily create, distribute and track training through nano learning methodologies.

Covid-19 pandemic has clearly shifted focus of organisations to remotely onboard and upskill team, provide learning opportunities to improve performance and productivity and leverage technology to drive and enable smooth business operations.

James shared a few case studies of SUTD & Cedele (creating gamified new hire onboarding modules), the Hour Glass (digital assessment modules) and SME in Marine engineering, Power Absolut (performance support through digitising manuals and SoP’s)

Summarising the key learning, Archana Srinivasan, Head HR at Atkins, shared how being agile and adaptable in learning styles, mindset shift , making use of free tech available and taking action to take the first step is key to embarking on the Learning Practitioners’ journey.


As the world changes, your organization must shift to new ways of working and digital transformation is more than implementing new technologies. Our speaker panel concurred that the key to a successful L&D Tech implementation relies on a few pillars- aligning business needs to build OR buy during shortlisting phase, improving the adoption use learning in the flow of work or a blended learning approach, use of analytics and data to drive business ROI and lastly  “Thinking big, starting small, scaling up along the way to reiterate and improve” . 


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Swechha Mohapatra (IHRP-CP, Associate CIPD) is a Senior Consultant – Digital HR at hrtech.sg and has over 7 years of global experience in various Talent functions. She is a passionate HRTech evangelist, a member of the IHRP HRTech CoP Taskforce and an avid learner who is certified Six Sigma-Green Belt with a background of MBA (Specialization in HR and IT) and Master’s in Labor Laws and Labor Welfare. 


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