Oct 05 2020

Six ways to engage and motivate employees while working remotely.

“When the year 2020 began, no one had imagined that the pandemic would completely change the way we work and communicate with our teams. How can we make sure employees are engaged and motivated even when they are working remotely?”

by  Manoj Agarwal, Co-founder & COO, Xoxoday

When the year 2020 began, no one had imagined that the pandemic would completely change the way we work and communicate with our teams. More number of companies than ever have switched to remote working completely owing to the vulnerability of the situation.

While we all agree that working remotely comes with its fair share of benefits like saving time and money on commutes, a better work-life balance, flexibility, etc., it also has a downside. Since we don’t see our teammates each day, it is very easy to lose focus and feel lonely while working in isolation. This, in turn, can have a huge impact on one’s level of engagement, productivity and performance.

So how can we make sure employees are engaged and motivated even when they are working remotely, away from their traditional work environment?

Here are six ways to maximize the effectiveness of your remote teams while making them feel connected and motivated:

1. Communication & Collaboration : 

When the entire team is working remotely, constant communication and collaboration can go a long way in making employers feel engaged and included. Employees often expect to be involved in discussing important issues and share their views (especially the  ones that affect them). Making sure you are frequently communicating with your teams and providing them with a platform to share their views is crucial. 

Adopting a platform like Xoxoday Empuls can help organisations with a robust intranet facility that lets people connect seamlessly across the organization, collaborate on work, and celebrate socially.

Empuls: Intranet for communication & collaboration

2.     Rewards & Recognition

Employees, irrespective of their day-to-day struggles while working remotely, continue to add value to the business. That is why, it is extremely important to recognize their efforts and reward such behaviors in-time. 

Rewards and recognitions have an immense impact on building employee morale and engagement. It reinforces the fact that the work is done is meaningful and valuable to the organization. Not just that, it helps employees find focus and purpose in their day to day activities - thus increasing employee motivation. 

Empuls for Rewards

3. Encourage Learning

If there is one thing that all employees seek during this time away from the office, then it is to upgrade their skills and learn new things. When an organization prioritizes learning and development among employees, it will instinctively keep them motivated and engaged. Encouraging employees to learn new skills not only promotes innovative thinking and creativity but also improves the agility of the business to sustain today’s increasingly complex and constantly changing business environment.

4. Offer Perks & Benefits

No matter where the employees are working from – home or office - offering perks, benefits and exclusive offers is always a great way to keep them motivated to contribute towards the organization.

Using a platform like Xoxoday can help get exciting special discounts on essentials, groceries, leisure, health, wellness, and gifts as well. Since these are exclusive deals crafted for employees on the organization’s behalf, they have a positive impact on attrition and productivity.

Xoxoday Empuls offers exclusive employee discounts under savings and benefits.

5. Promote Health & Wellbeing

By now, we all agree that one of the biggest disadvantages of working from home is the lack of physical activity. Having a healthy mind and a healthy body can help eliminate the possibility of burnout while staying at home—a phenomenon not uncommon with people working remotely. That is why implementing well thought over wellness programs can have a tremendous impact on employee engagement and productivity. Some of the things that must be included in it are:

  • Membership to virtual gyms, yoga training, aerobics, etc.
  • Employee assistance plan (counselling and support groups)
  • Mental health coverage
  • Mental health information sessions
  • Stress management etc.

6. Employee Pulse Surveys

It can be challenging to check on how your employees are feeling whether they are aligned to the organization’s goals or not if they require any appropriate support while working remotely. These gaps and lack of clarity can affect productivity and engagement directly.

Employee pulse surveys – like the one offered by Xoxoday Empuls – is a quick and powerful way to truly understand the voice of the employee (VoE) - especially while working remotely. Pulse survey helps organizations to Measure, Analyse and Improve the various factors that affect engagement, productivity and performance.

Xoxoday Empuls Pulse Surveys

When the pandemic hit the world, the workplace dynamics took a hit, and how? Things changed in ways that no one had ever imagined. The only thing that will help organisations sustain and grow during these unprecedented times is by engaging and motivating their bottom-line to perform their best. Adopting viable work-from-home practices and technology platforms like Xoxoday Empuls can extend a helping hand to employees who struggle to stay motivated and engaged while working remotely.

More About Xoxoday:   Xoxoday is an all-in-one technology platform to connect, align, motivate and engage your employees, channel partners, sales and consumers. Sales, Marketing, HR & Business leaders of 1000+ organisations globally trust us to engage, communicate and reward their users. Xoxoday is currently operational in Australia, India, Philippines, Singapore, UAE, UK, Ireland and, USA and have been recognised as ‘Best Tech-HR platform by People Matters’, ‘Top 50 Fastest-Growing Tech-companies by Deloitte’, ‘Top 10 SaaS start-ups by Oracle’, ‘top 100 SME by Govt. of India’, and ‘FT top 100 tech companies 2020’.

Connect with XOXODAY to see how you can engage, communicate and reward your employees, channel partners, and consumers.

Manoj Agarwal (Co Founder and Chief Product and Operating officer, Xoxoday) is a MBA and a Computer Science Engineer. He comes with over 14 years of experience in building companies, technology, product, marketing, and business excellence. He has worked with companies like Yahoo, Manipal Education, and Flipkart in various roles. Manoj is active with various industry and technology forums, and has been a regular speaker in various international forums. Manoj is a yoga & sports enthusiast. He is a voracious reader and writes on various topics around entrepreneurship, products, culture, spirituality, and more. LinkedIn 


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