May 14 2021

Using AI to reduce Human Bias in hiring

“According to a reputable research body, humans intrinsically practice bias when it comes to judging other humans. This bias is an inherent construct present in us human beings, and it is inevitable in current human resource (HR) practices.”

by  X0PA AI

Ever wondered why some of the crème de la crème talents do not get hired even though they possess the epitomic combination of intellect, productivity and diligence, qualities which are boon rather than a bane to both a company’s growth and profitability?

It is because of human biases that are currently present in hiring processes.

Let us investigate the varying sources of biases. What are some of the negative effects of human biases for companies which practice biases in hiring, besides not hiring better talent which outsmarts the status quo hires?

According to a reputable research body, humans intrinsically practice bias when it comes to judging other humans. This bias is an inherent construct present in us human beings, and it is inevitable in current human resource (HR) practices.

  1. Firstly, 95% of bias originate from humans, in the form of human instinct or “gut feel” for lack of a better word, and chemistry in their shared dynamics between each other.
  2. Secondly, 80% of bias stems from schools and backgrounds, where candidates from the upper echelons of educational institutions (Tier 1 schools) tend to be favoured over Tier 2 and Tier 3 schools, and vice versa for socioeconomic backgrounds as well.
  3. Thirdly, we have 75% of bias originating from resumes, where a well-articulated and polished resume format is considered more favourably over their inarticulate counterparts, hence the increased probability of the former winning the approval of the hiring manager over the latter. Lastly, we have 50% of bias deriving from the source, whereby some gender, race, age, and sexual orientation are considered more favourably over the other.

In the seemingly illogical, instinctive, and emotional realm of hiring biases, how does one stay sane when it comes to hiring? When will the biases be mitigated?

There is but a solution in the form of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The idea of humans leaving decision-making to Artificial Intelligence may seem daunting in the least, and even intimidating in the emotional continuum but hear me out.

Enter the offerings of X0PA AI, a technological start-up enrolled in the renowned SG:D’s Spark Programme. X0PA AI Recruiter is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms that has a lofty aspiration: seeking to evolve the art of hiring into a science, thereby saving the cost of hiring and time, while maintaining objectivity, and ameliorating human biases up to 80 %, leading to D&I hires within the client’s organisation. X0PA utilizes AI and Machine Learning to source, rank, and score talent to suss out the best-fit candidate for each company and role, based on its patented algorithms.X0PA AI has several offerings.

  1. It provides enhanced hiring and selection via AI-fuelled ranking and scoring.
  2. It procures skill gap assessments for candidates to suss out candidates with better skillsets.
  3. X0PA possesses predictive analytics through AI-intuitive screening for candidate performance and company retention.
  4. It has automated candidate sourcing, where candidates are sourced from a database pool.
  5. AI-fuelled retargeting gives rise to computerized role matching and candidate recommendations.
  6. There is automated scheduling and email communication which helps to schedule job interviews with candidates and correspond to candidates by email automatically through AI.
  7. There is AI-powered pre-screening and candidate engagement through X0I, X0PA’s Chatbot.
  8. There is augmented employer branding.
  9. X0PA’s SaaS platform arrives in a smorgasbord of 72 languages.
  10. There is the highlight feature, X0PA ROOM, which intelligently conducts asynchronous video interviews not occurring at the same time, and analyses the candidate’s confidence, experience, and skillsets, to name a few.
  11. There is an open API for ease of integration.

With the aforementioned-comprehensive list, I hope you as hiring managers will be less apprehensive about embracing artificial intelligence to increase your D&I efforts in the marketplaces you are placed in, and more importantly, see how salient AI is in the present to move forward in the advent of Big Data and Agile Hiring. Surely, we would all prefer a seamless, objective and quick process when it comes to hiring, over an obsolete-thinking and glacially paced hiring. You have found your answer in X0PA AI’s SaaS offerings. Do kindly consider purchasing our tailor-made technological procurements for your company’s D&I efforts and growth and profitability alike.

Written by, Benjamin Poh Kai Yi of X0PA AI
Benjamin loves creative writing and his highest qualification is a Diploma in Business Informatics from Nanyang Polytechnic. 

X0PA AI provides AI-powered recruitment SaaS solutions to maximize objectivity in hiring and selection for accuracy, efficiency, and scale. X0PA aims to enhance candidate retention, performance, and person to job and organization fit. X0PA enables companies to source, score, and rank talent to find the best-fit talent for their roles based on X0PA’s patented algorithms. Using AI, X0PA automates routine tasks and offers predictive analytics so that companies can make the best-informed hiring decisions.

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