HR Software for everyone



HR Software for everyone

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  1. Compliant payroll, leaves, employee database and document management for maximum efficiency and peace of mind
  2. Performance management, Recruitment, Talent Acquisition, natively integrated. Get the best and most productive people
  3. The user experience you were waiting for. A great interface that makes all the difference for you and your employees

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BrioHR is an all-in-one, affordable, simple, cloud-based, and modular HR management solution supported by a community of experts.


A complete end-to-end HR solution with complementary mobile app:

  1. Payroll: accurate, on-time, secure, and approved by relevant regulatory bodies (in Malaysia, Payroll has been approved by the Inland Revenue Board). With multi-level approvals for enhanced protection, built-in mandatory and optional deductions. Integrated with Employee Files and Leave to reduce manual calculations when new employees join or when employees part ways with the firm / take unpaid leave. 
  2. Recruitment & Applicant Tracking System: Collaborative and intuitive, keeping hiring managers, HR, and any relevant approvers up-to-date and involved every step of the way. Total flexibility in number and nature of assessment and interviews, and integrated with Onboarding and Employee File Management to reduce administrative tasks. BrioHR also generates a micro-career page for your company, to list each available position clearly and enable social media or chat platform sharing, and built-in reporting & analytics provides real-time data on the best performing channels, time-to-fill positions, and other measurements! 
  3. Onboarding: Integrated with Recruitment, so that approved hires are immediately pushed to the next step of their journey with you. New joiners are engaged a month before their first day to ensure they hit the ground running. Whether administrative tasks such as provision of bank account information, getting IT department to ready a laptop, getting Property & Security to prepare an access card, or simply connecting the new joiner with his/her future team to begin building relationships, our Onboarding module reduces time to productivity of every new joiner. 
  4. Employee File Management: Digitalize all Employee Files for easier reference and updates, plus integration across the board so that an employee’s journey with your organization is always up-to-date. Multi-level security and access options give you full control over what an employee can edit, and what other employees can see.  
  5. Performance Management: OKR-enabled with flexible 360 feedback options built in, measure employees’ progress against the team’s and organization’s goals. Transparent and collaborative, with multi-party approvals and HR oversight to reduce bias or human error, our Performance Management module takes employee assessment to a new level – intuitive, easy to use, and complete with reminders even on our mobile app. 
  6. Leave Management: Integrated with Payroll to automate calculations (if applicable), with transparent updates to the team via our main dashboard so that managers can plan projects and tasks accordingly. Plus, complete functionality even on our mobile app enables employees to apply for, edit, and approve leave on the go. 
  7. Reporting & Analytics: We believe in data-driven decisions, so all our modules come complete with tracking, monitoring and calculations built-in. On the Reporting & Analytics dashboard, HR has the ability to view, customize, and download relevant charts for report preparation (such as Annual Reports and Board Updates). 
  8. Smart Organization Chart: With an intuitive Click & Drag function to speed up organizational restructuring, establishing new project teams, or transformation, our Smart Org Chart is also integrated with Employee Files (click on a person’s profile in the Chart to view more info) and Recruitment (create new openings directly from your organizational plan).

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