E-sports tournament platform that boosts cognitive skills

Team building fosters corporate culture and promotes negotiation skills. 61% of executives play games at work and Esports tournaments are a cost-effective solution. Esports involves up to 70% of employees from 18 to 35 years old from all around the world. is an open tournament platform for competitive gaming. Click-Storm was founded by a group of enthusiasts from Singapore, USA and Russia in 2013. We have been competing since Warcraft 1 and still playing hard. We hold own events and support third-party organizers by providing access to platform community tools. 

We also provides brand with forward-looking strategic consulting in esports to help drive user acquisition and retention.  

Our mission is to bring eSports closer to each avid gamer. We strongly believe that playing eSports and competitive games is exciting and requires a unique combination of passion and skill. eSports improves your reaction, perseverance, multi-tasking and accuracy; it also helps you make better decisions in real life.