Feedback that counts

The App!

Clink is a feedback sharing app for teams, that helps you share, organize & analyze feedback, especially for remote working.

By doing so, we enable continuous performance & development for teams.

Why Clink?

The art of giving feedback has changed.

With more of us working in virtual teams, #socialdistancing has removed an important element of F2F feedback.

Now more than ever we need to switch to an evolved way of sharing feedback that retains its glory and much more.

How we got here?

Clink is created by the same team that built Dockabl. Dockabl’s journey is significant to Clink’s origin story.

2 years & 31 clients later, we've learned a valuable lesson. The performance appraisals we run as organizations are redundant. We waste millions of hours & dollars in futile conversations that lack data & structure. Moreover, participants suffer at the hands of bad memories, biases & systemic inefficiencies. The entire exercise leaves a bitter taste in everyone's mouth.

So how do we fix this? Years of user research, client insights and data has given us a cause to pivot. In October 2019, we went through a 4-week war room in search of the answer. We validated the outcome using a prototype and we set out to build Clink.

Clink is a growing concept in the field of continuous feedback.

Feedback is the only process that can survive and add value to the flow of work without being tiresome & intrusive. Yet, the challenge is it is too scattered, untimely & unactionable.

Hence, we've created Clink to integrate into your day-2-day work where it can help you gather, organize & get insights out of feedback received.

Clink will help you discover your true potential & redefine the way you approach appraisals.

Here’s what Clink does:

    a. Feedback Sharing for project teams | Sharing made fun

    b. Integrations & Plugins with work tools | We are everywhere

    c. Actionable Insights for skills and values | Reveal what matters  



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