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Creating a single employee view across the full range of people analytics.


CRUX creates a single employee view across the full range of people analytics from diagnostics, to data quality & transformation, to analytics & insights bubbled up through brilliant visualizations on the back of automation and machine learning capabilities and contributing to key business outcomes.

CRUX integrates large, voluminous and fragmented people data in Organizations into a single data cube or repository; makes it usable by transforming the data and collecting new data; does diagnostics on the data to identify anomalies and then runs analytics on the data leveraging data science and machine learning capabilities to then throw & bubble up actionable insights through brilliant visualizations enabling agile and robust decision making. We bring rapid intelligence into human capital management to create value for the business and manage key risks, enabling people and business managers to take agile decisions in real time.

Key Solutions: Data Diagnostics & Quality; Surveys & Web-forms; HR Analytics & Visualizations; Predictive Modelling; Sentiment Analytics; Feedback Analytics; Organization Network Analysis

CRUX Analytics Platform Highlights

  1. Data Quality: CRUX is the perfect tool to create a data warehouse for HR analytics, that does not interfere with everyday HR operations systems.
  2. Data Transformation: CRUX has been successfully used to pull together and transform multi-national employee data for shared services operations.
  3. Organizational Development: CRUX hierarchy visualisation is ideal for before and after scenarios for rightsizing and restructuring, through dynamic tree maps layered with FTE, costs and other measures.
  4. What-If Analytics: Answering critical employee efficiency management and employee CRUX linear and logistic regression functions enable primary investigation of key drivers of employee performance and engagement, before investment in detailed analytics.

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