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Experience Benchmarking Surveys

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Out-Innovate Your Competition by benchmarking Employee, Customer, Product, Brand and Market experience on the most advanced Enterprise Surve


Serving clients in more than 21 countries, CusJo helps enterprises get real-time experience benchmarks through surveys. Cusjo assists you to confidently innovate your employee, customer, product, brand and market experience on the world's most innovative survey platform.

Cusjo’s unique Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform:

  1. Live QnA sessions at town halls, meetings, Has the world’s 1st AI Consensus Engine (ACE), which does 3 months’ worth of qualitative data analysis in a few seconds.
  2. Provides you with more than150 customizable professional templates to get started immediately.
  3. Is available in 106 languages, so you can engage your audience globally and use our AI engine to do real-time translations.
  4. Allows you to map and benchmark employee, customer and market research experience in real-time and get automated AI reports.

ACE can be used for live QnA sessions at town halls, meetings, conferences, conventions and even national conversations. Never again will audience have to vote questions and answers up or down, as ACE will do it in real-time for you.

Employee Experience Benchmarking Surveys

An Employee Engagement Benchmarking is an end-to-end talent intelligence solution that gives your organization real-time people analytics at every stage of your talent journey.

It covers the 3 critical stages of an employee’s journey from recruitment to empowerment to growth. It helps an organization to fulfil it's profitability and performance motives, while also assisting employees to enjoy a higher level of fulfilment. This helps organisations create a better employee culture and experience. It increases frequency and depth of positive interaction and contribution. It reduces attrition, creates a stronger management sense of belonging and responsibility, leads to better customer experience and increases the top and bottom line.

On the employee side, it gives employees an ongoing voice 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year through its various initiatives. It encourages employees to be partners in co-creating the culture of an organization.

Employee Engagement Benchmarking covers the following areas across the the 3 distinct areas of recruitment, empowerment and growth.


  • Employee Job Application Analytics
  • Employee Competency Assessment Analytics
  • Employee Job Suitability Evaluation Analytics
  • Employee Reference Check Analytics
  • Employee Onboarding Analytics


  • Employee Pulse Survey Analytics
  • Employee Cultural Gap Assessment Analytics
  • Employee 360 Degree Feedback Analytics
  • Employee Performance Appraisal Analytics
  • Employee Engagement Analysis
  • Employee Dialogue Analysis
  • Employee Townhall Q&A Analytics
  • Employee State Interview Analytics


  • Employee Training & Development Analytics
  • Employee Coaching / Mentoring Analytics
  • Employee Succession Planning Analytics
  • Employee Feedback Analytics
  • Employee Exit Interview Analytics

Customer Experience Benchmarking Surveys

Customer Experience Benchmarking Surveys hep you know where you stand in relation to your competitors at every stage of your customer journey. It is a suite of comprehensive customer experience (CX) intelligence solutions that gives your organization real-time customer analytics to out innovate your competitors.

It covers the 3 critical stages of your customers' before, during and after journey at every touch point that matters to your customer and you. It allows all your customers to connect with you at their convenience via QR Codes and URLs across more than 17 channels of engagement.

Customer Experience Benchmarking allows you to know your customers' preferences in real-time and establish what's working and what's not working. This helps identify problems as they are happening, so things don't snowball out of control.

The ultimate purpose of Customer Experience Benchmarking is to assist you to innovate your value proposition, unleash the creativity of your staff and help you to accelerate ahead of the competition and lead your industry.

Customer Experience Benchmarking allows your customers to provide you with the intelligence you need 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week across 365 days, through a combination of the following relevant solutions:

  • Customer AB Testing Analytics
  • Customer Affiliate Analytics
  • Customer Contact Analytics
  • Customer Demo Request Analytics
  • Customer Driven Business Analytics
  • Customer Event Experience Analytics
  • Customer Experience Analytics
  • Customer Experience Market Research Analytics
  • Customer Feedback Analytics
  • Customer Ideas Analytics
  • Customer Net Promoter Score Analytics
  • Customer Referral Analytics
  • Customer Service Centre Analytics
  • Customer Service Analytics
  • Customer Story Analytics
  • Customer Suggestion Box Analytics
  • Customer Support Analytics
  • Customer Website Feedback Analytics

Market Research Benchmarking Surveys

Market Experience Benchmarking is about doing research across your markets, segments, brands, profiles and concepts to benchmark your people, products, processes, places, philosophy, personality and purpose. This is done through large scale market experience (MX) intelligence solutions that gives your organization real-time market analytics to out innovate your competitors.

Benchmarks are then used to innovate experiences, generate loyalty, extend reach, gain virality and boost profitability for the organization.

Market Experience Benchmarking is most effective when done in the native languages of the various markets to gain the most expressive and in-depth qualitative and quantitative data possible. It gives organisations a real-time appreciation of what's working and what's not working, where they stand in relation to the competition and the changes they need to make to out-innovate them.

Market Experience Benchmarking allows your customers to provide you with the intelligence you need 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week across 365 days, through a combination of professionally developed and deployed methodologies.

Some of the more common ones are:

  • Benchmark Intelligence Analytics
  • Brand Experience Analytics
  • Product Innovation Analytics
  • A/B Testing Analytics
  • Concept Validation Analytics


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customer experience

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