Advanced Paperless Onboarding Solution

Digidesk is an onboarding experience platform that stitches pre-onboarding, joining and engagement, on one live digital platform and gives a hassle-free onboarding experience, across platforms at the employee's convenience.

Digidesk through its dynamic form generation algorithm, automatically fills in and generates the forms, as 75% of the form fields are repetitive.

Documents, Photos, and other employee data can be submitted by the employees, in Real-time through their mobile phones which can also be retrieved with just a few clicks at any given point in the future.

New hires get all the company. and team specific news, within the Digidesk application, thus, making the new hires feel part of your company even before their Date of Joining.

Digidesk also provides digital feedback across strategic touchpoints which makes the onboarding process complete and acting on the feedback makes our onboarding better over time.

In short, Digidesk removes the hassle out of the standard joining procedures and provides a smooth and efficient onboarding experience.

With over 3,00,000 onboardings, seamlessly integrating with your existing HRMS & ATS and trusted by leading companies, Digidesk is the leading Onboarding Experience Platform in the world.