Source & Screen Culturally Aligned Talent IN A MINUTE without any questions!

Talent is the most important asset to an organization; but it is also the most difficult to acquire! Recruiters are STILL struggling to align talent to the right job opportunity; more importantly Talent that ‘culturally’ fits with an organization.

dotin is an artificially intelligent hiring platform that identifies core motivations of talent and aligns them to the right jobs to get the best cultural fit. dotin’s award-winning and innovative work in AI software has garnered international attention. Recognized for its real-time ability to leverage cognitive insights in the workplace and across markets, dotin is making a tangible impact on the way organizations manage their talent and business growth.

Solutions: Leverage the power of dotin’s Artificial Intelligent (AI) enabled next-generation recommendation engine taps into structured and unstructured data to deliver rich, impactful and bias free business insights. It combines psychology with structured and unstructured data, and machine learning to identify subconscious motivators and leverage these vital cues to improve individual experience, business outcomes and the overall workplace itself.

Science: dotin Inc’s proprietary Artificial Intelligent (AI) technology is designed to capture the true, digital personality fingerprint of every user. First, by identifying a user's core motivators, and then aligning these to the best opportunities. Opportunities in the form of insights on career alignment in the human resource field and hyper personalization in the consumer packaged goods sector. This leading-edge AI-enabled platform adds value throughout the talent and consumer lifecycle. The dotin solution provides rich talent and consumer analytics delivered in real-time.

Key outcomes:

  • Align the right talent with the organization's culture. 
  • Save up to 60% by hiring culturally aligned talent.
  • Twice the improvement in talent retention
  • Reduce time and cost per hire.
  • Candidate's Personality alignment with the hiring manager



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