Leveraging Behavioural Science in HR

hrtech.sg is the community partner for the SHRM Originals a content-led series to know If Behavioral science can spark Innovation in the domain of Expense Management?


Aug 12, 2021 3 PM - 4 PM



As we all know, Behavioral Science at workplaces has a lot of impact on economic decision-making processes of individuals and institutions. What if there were solutions based on behavioral science that would incentivize employees to demonstrate the right behavior and at the same time save on organization resources significantly.

Today, as organizations across the globe are riding on their go-digital initiatives, the onus is now on the tech and finance leaders to modernize the organizations’ expense management processes and systems.

Most organizations till today rely on age-old methodologies of expense management which are extremely tedious for employees to work with and are a drain on organization time and monetary resources.

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