The Next-gen intelligent Learning Platform

FACE Nxt, addresses enterprises’ need for an effective platform that helps them handle Resource Management and Talent Development with ease

FACE Nxt is an AI powered Neuroscience-based adaptive & gamified learning platform which makes learning an Immersive, Addictive and a Pleasurable experience.

Learning Features of FACE Nxt:
  • Functional blending of the learning process: ‘Learning by doing’ approach, integrates learning, practice & assessments
  • Interactive virtual teacher to ensure every learner learns at a convenient pace
  • Personalized & Shortest learning pathway for every learner
  • Integrated gamification engine to ensure an engaging experience
  • In-built coding platform for practicing programming challenges
  • Recommendations for adjacent skills that the learner can pursue
Resource Management Features of FACE Nxt:
  • Track & Monitor learning quality (Time taken, Effectiveness & Frequency) for all resources
  • Predict workforce's learning ability and assist workforce planning based on their learning behavior
  • Track Current & Predict Future behavior of each resource person's skills
  • All other regular LMS features

Course library on FACE Nxt:
We have developed a few courses suitable for the IT industry that can be readily deployed for your employees. These courses are being used by a few of the Fortune 500 clients to train their students.

The platform is also customizable to integrate any of the open source technologies and simulator/compiler environments.

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