Shorten your recruitment process from days to minutes

GrabJobs is a web and mobile recruitment solution that makes your recruitment process more efficient by helping companies attract talents and automating their recruitment process.

We provide award-winning innovative features:

  • Post jobs on over 20 job sites in one go
  • Automate applicant screening with interview chat bots
  • Live chat with applicants
  • Automate Interview Scheduling
  • Reduce Interview No Shows

GrabJobs is used by over 5,000 companies across South East Asia.

Key product features include:

  • Post Jobs on Multiple Platforms in 1 Click. Reach millions of job seekers and attract the best talent. Automatically publish jobs on more than 20+ leading job boards & social networks. Centralize applicants from all sources onto a single dashboard!
  • Automate Applicant Screening & Scoring with Interview Chatbots. Our interview Chatbots handle all your time-consuming & repetitive tasks usually performed by recruiters manually by customizing interview chatbot questions for each role, screening and scoring candidates as they apply, engage with candidates 24/7, automatically shortlist or reject candidates and send messages. 
  • Automate Interview Scheduling & Video Interview. Save time & increase interview show-ups by sending automated interview invites and interview Reminders. The Grabjobs solutions lets you schedule interviews for multiple candidates in 1 click, set your interview timeslots and allow candidates to choose their preferred time, Interview reminders are automatically sent to candidates 24 hours and 3 hours before the interview 
  • User-Friendly Applicant Tracking System & Hiring Platform. Easily manage each step of your hiring process, from new applicants to hires, with our intuitive Applicant Tracking System (ATS) by customizing and automating hiring stages, communicate with candidates over live chat, manage employment offers with digital signatures etc.  

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