Unleash the Power of Teams

Grow is a web app that helps improve team performance. A subscription to Grow will give teams access to online tools and resources for leadership development. With Grow, teams can:

  • Get and receive feedback
  • Work on a development plan
  • Monitor progress against development objectives

Thus, Grow promotes continuous learning and development. The Grow Approach to team development was created by leadership experts in INSEAD. It is used by teams in companies like Swiss Railways and PetroRio.

Grow is best for teams looking to develop their people, individually and as a whole. When you invest in their development, employees will feel valued and this carries over to how they perform.

HR leaders see Grow as complementary to their existing talent development programs. It enables ongoing learning through reflection and practice of new behaviors in the work. It does not replace traditional training, nor does it take the place of executive coaches and consultants.

Grow makes it easy for teams to continuously grow by leveraging on digital technology. It accompanies employees in this VUCA world by embedding development in their daily work life.

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