Where tech talent gets hired.

HackerTrail is a cloud-based recruitment solution targeting employers and talents in the technology industry. Through technology such as machine learning and gamification, the platform is designed to source and connect the right candidates with the right employer while removing the human bias factor.

For employers, we help companies modernize their recruiting process by automating the sourcing, engaging and curation of top talents which helps employers to efficiently focus only on the best matching talents.

For candidates, our platform allows you to showcase your skills beyond what is written on your resume to show employers how YOU stand out from the crowd!


  1. Staffing-on-demand: HackerTrail’s team of expert tech recruiters help you find, screen and hire the best tech talent available.
  2. Recruitment Events: interview 40-to-60 candidates in a single evening. Host private event or join a monthly Hacker hunt.
  3. Dedicated Recruiters: The benefits of an in-house recruiter, but with HackerTrail’s technology, database, and a flexible contract.
Source and Screen:

  1. Source and Resume Screen: HackerTrail sources from multiple channels on your behalf and receive only the best- matching resumes.
  2. Source and Telephone Screen: HackerTrail’s signature sourcing and screening service, plus telephone screen to provide salary, notice and visa status.
  3. Technical Assessments (Free): Access technology candidates with HackerTrail’s technical assessments. Clients include Global Fortune 500 companies.




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