Augmented People Analytics for Enterprise



Augmented People Analytics for Enterprise

Product Highlights

  1. Cloud-based augmented people analytics tool
  2. People Analytics service that can help HR teams to analyze and find non-obvious and useful patterns from employee data
  3. Augmented Discovery, Model Flexibility and Transparency, Data Leakage Protection

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Product Summary

A cloud-based augmented people analytics solution to visually understand & quantitatively articulate what drives employee performance


HEARTCOUNT is a proven People Analytics service for the Asian market that can help average HR professionals on the ground analyze and find non-obvious and useful pattern from the employee (people) data across any HR topics/challenges including recruitment, engagement, and retention.

HEARTCOUNT enables business professionals to effortlessly discover non-obvious and useful answer from data on What, Why, and How questions. HeartCount solution will enable you to outsmart your own biases through data-driven decisions.


  • Dashboard & Drill-Down: Create and slice/dice KPI to know what differentiates KPI
  • Driver Analysis: Understand major driver/factor associated with KPI
  • Comparison Analysis: Compare statistical differences between any two groups
  • Micro-Segmentation: Automatically discover the rule-set to optimize (maximize) KPI
  • Visual Discovery: Find hidden pattern by visually exploring data

Stop making sub-optimal decisions by not knowing what can be known from data.

Problem Definition: Data change the way we think about making decisions. Far too many important decisions are still made on the basis of gut feel or anecdotal experience. You should think hard about what you do not know to make better, more informed decisions and ask the well thought-out questions to the data. Asking the good questions is the first step of data-driven talent management.

Data Gathering: One major misconception in data analytics is that big data is necessary for analytics to provide big value. not only is this false, it obscures the fact that the economic value of analytics projects often has as much to do with de-biasing decisions by analyzing the pattern in available data sets as with the volumes and varieties of data involved. All you do is to hand over currently available data in excel/csv format then HeartCount will apply the right machine learning algorithms in secure manners complying with the necessary regulations.

Predictive ModelingUsing Machine Learning algorithms and Data Science disciplines, HeartCount builds customized predictive models that could predict specific behaviors (attrition, sales growth, higher conversions). HeartCount also transparently presents the predictive models to help you understand the causal relationships between predictors and KPI.

Problem Fixing: Algorithm is free, but model interpretability and usability depends on how you optimize (for clarity) the algorithm and visualize the model (for intuitive visual discovery) in an effort to augment human decision-making. HEARTCOUNT exclusively focuses on enabling business users to achieve data-driven problem-solving.

Model Improvement: Both people and machine make decisions based on on their models. Difference is that people seldom change the model, the existent new conflicting information notwithstanding, but machine can improve the model continually learning from new information. HeartCount’s model accuracy can be continuously improved by learning from new, relevant data creating positive feedback loop around the learning, explanation/prediction, validation process.


Fixing Enterprise Decision Intelligence Problem: Our intuitions frequently lead us astray. Relying on your gut, decision making becomes faster and simpler, but quality often suffers. To “de-bias” our enterpise decisions, it’s essential to broaden our perspective by scientifically unearthing new and, sometimes, counter-intuitive insights about major KPI. HeartCount algorithms will help you quantitatively articulate what truly drives business performance through science and evidence. Data analysis is not a destination, but a journey. HeartCount will stay with you.

Easy to Use: With our natural-language query technology, you can Just Ask questions to data just like using Google.

Easy to Discover: Our hypothesis-free pattern discovery algorithms help you discover non-obvious and useful patterns.

Easy to Understand: Our Explainer feature let the users effortlessly understand How and Why from data.

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