Assess more, Interview less, Hire better



Assess more, Interview less, Hire better

Product Highlights

  1. Test core business skills at scale, effortlessly.
  2. Improve diversity through objective skills measurements.
  3. Never waste another interview, nor miss out on hidden gems.

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Product Summary

HireQuotient’s virtual interviewers allow you to test core skills at scale, effortlessly, objectively & you never waste another interview!


HireQuotient’s virtual interviewers help you screen out candidates based on whether they have the right skills for the job. They do this by testing their knowledge application skills by giving them virtual scenarios similar to what they would encounter on the job. Just as the coding tests screen candidates for technical skills, HireQuotient screens for core business and problem-solving skills applicable to many non-tech roles.

Some of the roles that HireQuotient can help you assess include:

  • Management Associates
  • Strategy/Management Consultants
  • Project Manager/Change Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Sales and Business Development
  • Email Marketing
  • Other professional services such as, private equity, venture capital, investment banking, etc.

Their goal is to help you Assess More, Interview Less, Hire Better.

HireQuotient is already working with global blue-chip companies, and has done 50K+ interviews in 40+ countries. They have helped clients to -

  • Identify hidden gems
  • Save 30-50% of interview time per hire
  • Reduce gender gap by 20%, improving diversity

They do this through a combination of smart content written by experienced professionals, and AI-powered technology that enables them to

  • Offer chatbot-powered skill assessments built around realistic work scenarios
  • Test how candidates answer structured questions based on data provided and arrive at a final recommendation
  • Generate insights into each candidate's job-specific skills and business competencies

HireQuotient can also be used to objectively test existing team members, e.g., as part of initiatives to improve L&D and measure skills within the team. They provide a detailed skills report for each candidate upon completion of the assessment.

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