Using machine learning to match candidates from your employees' network to open roles.

Intrro unlocks the full potential of your company network to source, qualify, and hire the right candidates. The employee referral platform uses data science to automatically match the relevant talent to open positions, making it easy for employees to reach out to their contacts to let them know about the job opening.

Intrro also enables recruiters to browse their employee's contacts against open positions, and proactively ask for an intro, allowing them to spend more time speaking to receptive candidates and less time chasing leads, whilst giving hiring managers access to a broader, verified and more diverse pool of talent. 

How it Works 

  1. Connect your employees' networks through platforms such as LinkedIn and GitHub to see which candidates your employees could warmly introduce you to
  2. Talent is automatched by integrating with your ATS system and use machine learning to match the best candidates to your open roles
  3. Increase your response and interview rate by getting warm introductions from your existing employees
  4. Close the hard-to-fill roles and recognise your highly-engaged employees

Why Intrro 

  • GDPR Compliant: Intrro adheres to GDPR principles including the right to be forgotten, security and explicit consent and more. You can read more about how we use and safeguard your data in our Privacy Policy.
  • Supporting Diversity: Intrro anonymises personal information like name, ethnicity, age and gender. This removes the possibility of unconscious bias and helps increase diversity in your workplace.
  • Integrations: Intrro fully integrates with applicant tracking systems, so you’ll be kept up-to-date as candidates move through your pipeline

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