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A fully integrated, cross platform recruiting solution which brings companies & job candidates together in digital conferences.


The Janeous platform by Hawkins Global Pte Ltd seeks to disrupt the HR talent identification by maximizing the interview process while decreasing funds, time, and labor expended. Hiring professional employees is hard, and interviewing takes too long. This is what Janeous aims to improve through its intuitive and digitally-based platform. 

Janeous aims to increase the quality and number of effective interviews that companies can perform by providing a fully integrated talent identification system which leverages the network effect and multiple algorithms to reduce the time spent interviewing candidates.

With over half of Singaporeans rejecting a job offer after 8 weeks and the increase in the time it takes to hire someone (now 30-68 days), a better talent identification solution is needed. Janeous provides this solution by facilitating a more valuable first contact between company and candidate. This process allows companies to more effectively weed out candidates and focus on potential fits.

Janeous Platform offers these key features

  • Diversity recruiting - great for companies and candidates alike, if you are promoting diversity recruiting, interviewers can select this option to match 100% anonymously.  
  • ML-supported matching - we use advanced algorithms to drive the matching process for hiring professionals and job seekers. 
    • This improves accuracy and decreases sourcing time for employers.  
    • For candidates, after you're onboard, you can say goodbye to the endless months of searching, sending resumes into the dreaded black hole
  • Dual-sided feedback - After each interview both candidates and companies have the opportunity to offer simple, quick interview feedback. This helps improve the matching, your overall experience, and interviewing techniques.
  • Video eco-system - During your interview you can access to a lot more than the video stream.
    • Chat messaging
    • Company/candidate profile
    • Notes
    • Review
  • Interviews on-the-go - We are mobile-first. To enjoy the full benefits of Janeous and interview from anywhere, any time, we recommend you download our iOS app here, and the Android app here.







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