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Connecting Tech Talents

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A referral-based mobile app that changes the way recruitment is done.


Jobs007™ is one of Asia's first referral-based job app mobile platform that maps workforce to employers on demand. We do this through our incentive / referral-based platform, leveraging on the powerful benefits of professional network to grow our talent pool in a viral fashion. Talents are provided incentives to refer their network to relevant jobs.

The Jobs007™ referral model creates a frictionless mechanism of rapidly growing a large pool of candidates, and talent map them to jobs. Powering our app marketplace, Talenlytics profiles and interviews applicants with artificial intelligence. This gives us hundreds of data points that we can analyze and then feed our matching algorithms. With this, we are setting the basis for the most powerful recruitment platform in the industry and the future of recruitment.

For Job-seekers, Jobs007 is a simple way to apply for jobs. Get matched instantly with great jobs when you complete your profile. Not on the lookout? Refer a friend or two to Jobs007 and stand to get rewarded with real cash. Now everyone can be a recruiter.

For Hirers, shorten your hiring time by using Jobs007 to post your jobs. Our referral and rewards system mean your job post will go viral, attracting more quality candidates to your post. You can also match with the best candidates automatically, through our matching technology. Pick and choose from the ones you like. Hirers benefit from a curated source of quality referred talents. Let us do the heavy lifting and tap on the power of the network for job matching success.

Download Jobs007 from the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android) now to get started.

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