End-to-end learning & assessment platform for accelerated employee development



End-to-end learning & assessment platform for accelerated employee development

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An end-to-end learning and assessment platform for “accelerated employee development”.


Strategy Cascading
How well do your employees understand the organization’s strategy?
Organizations struggle with ensuring that their workforce has the right capabilities at all levels to align processes and teams to business strategy and deliver exponential outcomes. KNOLSKAPE’s strategy cascading solutions comprise classroom-based, facilitator-led immersive sessions that enable strategic alignment at three levels. The solution is powered by the Business Model Canvas tool which empowers leaders at all levels to understand how their organization creates, delivers and harvests value.

Enterprise strategy cascading - Help all your functional cohorts develop a strategic mindset and align their KPIs with the organization strategy.

BU strategy cascading - Empower each business unit understand the value that they deliver and align their goals to the organization strategy.

Functional strategy cascading - Develop functional cohorts to employee a strategic mindset and align their KPIs with the organization strategy.

Change Management
How well can your workforce drive change in the organization?
The dynamic business landscape requires individuals who can positively respond to and drive change and innovation within the organization irrespective of formal leadership positions. KNOLSKAPE’s change management solutions are simulation-powered programs geared to empower employees across various cadres in the organization to manage change, influence stakeholders and drive organizational transformations. This solution suite addresses three core areas of change management.

Managing Change - Empower employees to manage stakeholders, identify the paths of least resistance and tactically drive change.

Leading Innovation - Empower your workforce to think outside the box and innovate to deliver better customer experiences.

Influencing and Collaboration - Leverage communication, influencing and collaboration effectively to deliver transformational change.

Business Acumen
How well aligned are your employees to the bigger picture?
Business acumen is a crucial skill, which allows leaders to understand the impact of their actions and the value they bring to business. However, organizations struggle to develop the business acumen of their employees. KNOLSKAPE’s business acumen solutions are simulation- powered programs that help leaders across the organization understand and practice business acumen and entrepreneurial capabilities in an immersive, highly engaging and safe manner. Learners are presented with the opportunity to make tough decisions across multiple departments and understand the importance of the different parts of the organization in generating revenue and profits.

Functional Strategy Cascading - Develop functional cohorts to employee a strategic mindset and align their KPIs with the organization strategy.

Strategy Execution - Help your workforce understand and focus on the overall big picture and align process to achieve the organization’s vision.

Building Business Acumen - Empower leaders to understand the importance and impact of working cross-functionally to generate business revenue and growth.

Digital Capability
What's the Digital BLUR TM ?
Digital BLURTM is a unique framework created by KNOLSKAPE to help organizations and individuals navigate the disruption caused by the digital revolution. It explains how crucial lines that have traditionally defined businesses are blurring away in the digital world, and is an acronym for:

  • Boundaryless organizations
  • Limitless digitization
  • Unbounded innovation
  • Relentless iteration

Assess Digital Readiness - DIGITAL ASSESSMENTS The Digital Age is upon us and thriving. Are your employees digitally aware and your leaders ready to manage the disruptions? Assess them and find out!

  • Assess digital awareness of your employees
  • Assess digital maturity of your organization
  • Assess digital readiness of your leaders

Demystify Digital Trends - DIGITAL AWARENESS Digital is more than just technology. Digital refers to the ways in which technology is used to create value, across functions. Understand the digital age, its disruptive technology trends, and their impact on organizational culture. Become aware, become successful!

  • Big Data, IoT, Cloud, Social Media
  • Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
  • AI, Machine Learning & Robotics

Redefine Business Models - DIGITAL STRATEGY Digital is completely reorganizing the business ecosystem, necessitating leaders to incorporate data, agility and design- thinking to redefine strategies ad business models. Employ KNOLSKAPE’s LEAPFROG framework to identify what to create, reduce, reuse and stop doing as part of the digital strategy:

  • Unlock the power of an ecosystem
  • Use data and design in your strategy
  • Build agile business models

Leadership Pipeline
Is your leadership pipeline ready for a digital world?
Our highly acclaimed, award-winning, blended omni-channel solutions accelerate employee development and bring about demonstrable mindset changes. We offer customised, context-enabled programs for Leadership Development at all levels.

Executive Leadership - Empower your leaders to leverage data, people, innovation and technology to stay on top of the business game.

Middle Management - Help workforce focus on the overall big picture and align process to achieve the organization’s vision.

Frontline Managers - Equip frontline managers to seamlessly take on leadership roles and develop the capability of managing teams.

Individual Contributors - Transform individual contributors and bring out exponential potential, as you groom them to take on frontline roles.

Talent Assessments
Have you identified your leaders for tomorrow?
Organizations use Assessments for Hi-pot identification, Promotions, Internal Mobility, M&A, Campus Hiring, Candidate Selection etc., but usage is constrained due to time, cost and accuracy challenges. KNOLSKAPE offers KALIBER Virtual Assessments - affordable, convenient, reliable and highly scalable solutions for assessing your workforce. The assessment suite comprises a comprehensive range of experiential tools to assesses cognitive, behavioral, and personality elements across various cadres and functions.

Harrison – Personality Assessments - The Harrison Assessment is a trait-based tool that measures behaviors along with Interests & Work Preferences, accurately predicting how a person will perform against solid performance criteria.

Kognitix – Cognitive Assessments - Kognitix is a next-gen. game-based cognitive assessment suite comprising multiple small games that measure an individual's intrinsic brain- based cognitive skills

Business Simulations for Assessment - The KNOLSKAPE virtual assessment suite includes two simulations - The iLead Leadership Simulation and the Inbox Simulation. These simulations allow L&D teams to capture the actual behaviors.


Digital Offering

Clearing the Digital BLUR TM


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