Democratizing Enterprise Performance



Democratizing Enterprise Performance

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Driving Enterprise Performance with Agile & Intelligent Performance Management Solution


KPISOFT’s AI-led Performance Management platform aims to dissolve the gap between Strategy, People and Operational Performance by using advanced technologies including Augmented People Analytics and Behaviour Economics. The platform does this by raising performance awareness of employees and providing them with custom nudges and insights that result in performance enhancement. Aside to this, the platform also has the capability to assess and provide customized Career and Learning recommendations to employees that in-turn aids in enhancing employee performance. 

Raise the Performance Consciousness of your Enterprise
We create a connected enterprise tied to results by seamlessly linking corporate KPIs to operational metrics and individual performance. Our platform integrates everyone with contextualized individual actionable insights, encouraging collaboration and corrective action.

Augmented analytics is the new bottom line
Powering the 5 spectrums of Enterprise AI outcomes: Perceive, Prevent, Notify, Recommend & Predict. KPISOFT is powering the next generation of Enterprise BI. Our platform delivers the full spectrum of AI outcomes, synthesizing information and giving you alerts in real time on what you need to know and what you need to do.

Connected visibility with timely contextual insights at Every Level of the Organization
KPISOFT offers a powerful artificially intelligent platform that gives real-time performance awareness with conversational and contextual insights that drive connected visibility and instant action, alleviating performance blind spots.

Seamless Collaboration
Breaking down silos requires a connected workforce collaborating on performance. KPISOFT enables the right kind of communication to help your team steer clear of performance landmines.


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