Transform the way you recruit.

Manatal is a cloud-based Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software which will help you to hire better candidates in a faster way while spending less. It’s totally new and unique features represent a breakthrough in the ATS market.

First, Manatal has the basic functionalities of every traditional recruitment software. You can add candidates through very different ways (from LinkedIn, by parsing a CV, by fill out a form), you can easily manage them in the pipeline, you find all the reports you need on what you and your team have done. There are also functionalities to help you working with your team: team planner, easily add a team member on a job or a candidate, notifications system. Manatal is also used as a great database: every information about the candidate is recorded (contact information, resume information, past relationships you have with him or her). It is very easy to use: in 15 minutes a team can handle the software. If there is any question, a direct chat system can be used directly from Manatal.

But Manatal goes way beyond that. It offers some unique features. First, as soon as you have created your candidate, Manatal’s enrichment feature gives you all the information about him or her you can find on the web. No more time wandering the internet trying to find social media accounts.

Moreover, Manatal helps you objectively compare your candidates against one another. Its recommendations feature tells you for each job who fits the most by giving to every candidate a score based on their skills and their experience. No more time is lost because you do not know which candidate to choose – Manatal is here to help.