Simple, Human, Affordable Benefits

Mednefits, a new kind of health benefits company using technology, data, design to make benefits simple, affordable and human. We believe in designing better healthcare experience for SMEs and our members - the kind we want for ourselves, and our loved ones. Mednefits is a platform for automated, affordable, and accessible employee medical benefits for GP, dental, wellness, and more.

 Key features include :

  • Automated: Save time on administering, processing, and tracking employee medical benefits. Submit, approve, and track benefits claims in no time, so your team can focus on what matters.
  • Affordable: The Mednefits platform pools SMEs together and connects them directly to providers at lower costs.
  • Accessible: A strong network of 550+ GP clinics and healthcare providers islandwide.
  • Convenient: One app to scan and pay at clinics for a convenient, hassle-free experience. Gone are the days where your team had to keep receipts or bring an insurance card.

Employee medical benefits for SMEs on an HR-friendly platform. Key benefits for SME’s include:

  • Lower costs: More affordable healthcare benefits at corporate rates. 50% cost reduction on GP consultations
  • Save time: Automate healthcare claims for employees and HR with an easy to use platform. 100+ hours saved annually on administrative work
  • Easy to use and manage: Real-time data on employee benefits usage and consolidated invoices.
  • Convenient access: Full range of health and wellness providers island wide. 3x employee satisfaction with their benefits experience

Mednefits Basic Plan is free to join, Unlock lower rates on medical and wellness benefits on:

  • GP Consultations
  • Specialists
  • TCM
  • Health Screening
  • Dental
  • Wellness