Positive Minds. Productive Workplaces.



Positive Minds. Productive Workplaces.

Product Highlights

  1. Self-help Mobile App that enhances employees' personal wellness with Video Classes, Wellness Practices & Assessments
  2. "Mastermind" Corporate Wellness Challenge to engage employees and foster a culture of wellness in the workplace
  3. Corporate Wellness Analytics, Actionable Insights and Recommendations to help with HR Strategy and Planning

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App-centric and data-driven Corporate Wellness platform that empowers organizations to measurably enhance employee wellbeing and engagement.


MindFi's Corporate Wellness solution consists of LEARN, PRACTISE, and TRACK, catering to both employees and employers: 

Employees: Learn from live and recorded video Classes featuring medical doctors, psychologists, and wellness experts, as well as audio Courses on a diverse range of wellness topics in the MindFi App.

Employers: Develop a wellness-first workforce through expert-led Masterclasses on 10 different wellness topics: Mindfulness, Resilience, Teamwork, Leadership, Energy and Performance, Compassion, Creativity, Eating, Sleep, and Wellness Champions. Conducted by certified wellness professionals and trainers.

Employees: Develop sustainable wellness habits with over 300 AI-recommended wellbeings, mindfulness, and focus exercises curated in the MindFi App.

Employers: Run a company-wide Wellness Challenge (The Mastermind Challenge) to engage employees in clocking “wellness minutes”, develop wellness habits, win prizes, and, foster a culture of wellness in the workplace.

Employees: Track various aspects of personal wellness over time through science-based wellness assessments as well as monitor wellness activities and “wellness minutes” accumulated in the MindFi App.

Employers: Track various aspects of employee wellness demographically across departments, locations, age groups, etc through MindFi’s Corporate Wellness analytics and obtain insights as well as strategic recommendations.

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