My Career Cube

Own your future by learning new skills online


My Career Cube

Own your future by learning new skills online

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Consistently provide best in class quality education to working professionals via robust technology platform.


The Mycareercube is an initiative by Bhavyam Infotech, which is a global IT consulting firm headquartered in Singapore, established with entrepreneurship goal of Enabling Business Agility.

The driving spirit of Bhavyam Infotech is to become a Virtual Agile Extension for our customers by helping them to respond faster to the changing business needs with cost efficiency and quality. We provide high quality tailored solutions to our customers' needs as we understand the complexities and pains of the current business environment.  Bhavyam has always been passionate towards betterment of the society. to do something good... to spread the knowledge... to share the expertise and years of experience; and 'The Mycareercube', is the result of all these. 

Mycareercube is an online portal to connect the trainers to the knowledge seekers worldwide. As the name suggest, it's an e-learning solutions management portal providing variety of courses on PMP, ITIL and Technical Courses. It enables the training providers to launch their training contents online with ease and reach the vast target audience across the world.

Key Highlights of Mycareercube include:

  • Trained over 1,000+ professionals through online training
  • Reach across 10+ countries include Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, India, Thailand, US and Indonesia
  • Face 2 Face training at Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, India, and Thailand
  • Uniquely built professional training content to align with the exam
  • Success rate of over 93.5%
  • Accreditations & Approvals from over 5 leading global bodies
  • Flexible online payment options
  • Over 30 classroom training workshops globally per month

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