Connecting Knowledge



Connecting Knowledge

Product Highlights

  1. Identify an organization's most influential peer-elected employees to drive org change & communication
  2. Mapping employee networks within an organization to dismantle silos and promote collaboration
  3. To understand beyond the "human-capital" view of their organization - it allows them to see the "social-capital" of org

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We help companies accelerate change, break down silos and improve collaboration among business units with the power of ONA


OrgMapper, our flagship organizational diagnostic tool is now offered as two distinct products :

  1. OrgMapper — Influence for identifying an organization's most influential peer-elected employees who can help drive organizational change and internal communication initiatives. 
  2. OrgMapper — Excellence for mapping employee networks between an organization's business units with regard to projects and processes, helping dismantle silos and promote collaboration. 



Maven7’s online tool, OrgMapper helps clients' :

See beyond the traditional organization structure and get to know their informal organization.

  1. To Identify strategic connections and the influence at work across the width and depth of their company, divisions, geographies, across LoBs and functions, or just within teams. 
  2. To understand beyond the "human-capital" view of their organization - allows them to see the "social-capital" view of individuals and teams
  3. Reveal hidden structures and networks within and between communities; analyze strengths and areas of improvement to build a robust and efficient network structure. 
  4. Help them to identify their most-connected, most acknowledged, most influential people in the organization who have high spreading potential and the ability to influence other people's behaviors and attitudes  
  5. Know the quality of information flowing across different hierarchy levels of the organization. 
  6. Get to know the formal/informal activity with different units of the organization. Highlight any communication and information blockages that may be impacting the overall business productivity 
  7. To get powerful insights via gap analysis of optimal cross-functional networks (to-be) to the current digital networks (as-is) 
  8. Evaluate collaboration levels between different teams and identify groups working in silos 
  9. Measure the engagement of the people by virtue of how actively are they interacting with one another.  
  10. It can also help identify the disengaged people who are slowly moving out to the network periphery. 

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