Helping You Succeed with Video

What is 5QLive?
5QLive is a video interviewing platform which enables recruiters to screen candidates quickly through one way and live video interviewing.

Who is 5QLive for?
5QLive is suitable for anyone with interviewing requirements: hiring managers, recruiters, government agencies and for university admissions.

Why use 5QLive?
Video interviewing is the fastest way to screen and identify your best fit candidates. One-way interviews empower you to recruit across time zones with no scheduling hassle. Rating all your candidates on the same criteria gives fair and precise results.

Live video interviewing is great for second and third round screening and you can have up to five of your team members in the same interview.

We aim to provide an accessible service for companies of all sizes which is why our pricing begins at $42 per month and is up to 80% cheaper than our competitors. All our subscriptions allow users to have an unlimited number of team members and include branding.

5QLive has clients and candidates all over the world and with no apps to download, video interviewing has never been easier.

How to get started:
To experience our services first hand, you can begin by registering for our free trial or get started straight away with one of our online subscriptions.

If you want something more than the off the shelf product then get in touch and speak with our dedicated relationship managers to see how we can create a custom and white labelled solution to suit your recruitment needs.

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