Arctic Shores

Data-Driven People Insights

Our behavior-based assessments combine neuroscience, psychometrics and game technology. Our assessment apps differ from traditional psychometric tests in that each level is based on a historically validated neuroscientific task, gathering thousands of data points.

We are trying to solve the problem of bias and poor candidate experience in recruitment. Our apps capture applicants’ natural responses and behavioral preferences, so there is no room for self-report bias to creep in where someone may attempt to skew their answers to appear “more desirable”.

Once candidates have completed the assessment, they receive a report outlining their natural behavioral strengths and areas of development - even if they were unsuccessful at reaching the next stage of the process. This is our way of giving something back to the candidate who has invested the time applying for the job and completing the assessment.

In addition, the game-like elements and the app-based interface provides a more engaging and less stressful candidate experience. Often, candidates forget that they are being assessed!



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