Where tech talent gets hired.

  1. Staffing-on-demand: HackerTrail’s team of expert tech recruiters help you find, screen and hire the best tech talent available.
  2. Recruitment Events: interview 40-to-60 candidates in a single evening. Host private event or join a monthly Hacker hunt.
  3. Dedicated Recruiters: The benefits of an in-house recruiter, but with HackerTrail’s technology, database, and a flexible contract.
Source and Screen:
  1. Source and Resume Screen: HackerTrail sources from multiple channels on your behalf and receive only the best- matching resumes.
  2. Source and Telephone Screen: HackerTrail’s signature sourcing and screening service, plus telephone screen to provide salary, notice and visa status.
  3. Technical Assessments (Free): Access technology candidates with HackerTrail’s technical assessments. Clients include Global Fortune 500 companies.




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