Qualee Technology

Power your people. Every day.


Qualee Technology

Power your people. Every day.

Product Highlights

  1. QUALEE BELONG brings new hires and existing employees up to speed.
  2. QUALEE COMPLY protects your organisation’s reputation.
  3. QUALEE ENGAGE is our brand new employee engagement solution

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Product Summary

A mobile-first, cloud-based employee onboarding and engagement platform to create exciting employee experiences.


Qualee Technology delivers a highly customisable employee experience solution for the pre-boarding, onboarding, micro-learning, engagement and off-boarding of staff, through a cloud-hosted, native mobile app.

The company's proprietary self-service, the digital platform streamlines procedures and provides clients with the ability to securely create employee experiences that measurably improve employer familiarisation and employee engagement.

Qualee’s mission is to enable employers with a customisable employee experience solution to discover, recognise and empower the moments that matter. Every day.

Made for Mobile, Natively. 

The Qualee app for staff allows an engagement experience only achievable through a native app. An intuitive design interface puts everything where it should be, with real-time notifications and access to your latest content, available from anywhere.

Qualee App Features:
  • Curated Journeys – A structured journey narrates organisational knowledge through intuitive micro-learning modules, driving the company familiarisation of new hires and updating established teams
  • Engagement micro-surveys – Automated engagement surveys produce actionable insights
  • Real-time messaging – Encrypted communication between employees and their HR coordinator
  • Multi-media library – Everyone has access to the latest versions of important files and documents
  • A.I. Doc Search – Artificial Intelligence can scan documents, making their content keyword searchable
  • ID Scanner – Pre-boarding IDs, passports, documents shared securely and instantly
  • Quizzes – Engaging test-for-understanding ensure knowledge retention
  • Surveys – Powerful and simple to deploy pulse surveys allow regular feedback
  • Calendar – A central calendar puts your organisation's important events in everyone's Qualee App
  • Digital Forms – All forms can be completed on a mobile device and submitted from anywhere
  • e-Signatures – Encrypted fingertip signing ensures form compliance and avoids manual effort.
  • Whistleblowing – Intuitive and anonymous messaging to the company's coordinator.
  • Liveness Check - Validate the submitting employee for compliance certified remote hiring
  • Employer branding – Immersive, customised content promotes client brand & values

We love diversity and have designed the Qualee App to be viewable in 16 of the world's most widely used languages, with a special focus on Asia. Content can be uploaded via the Qualee Console in any language desired, ensuring you have maximum flexibility in engaging your talent. In their language.

Qualee Console

The human-centred design of Qualee's console puts control of all the user and content management right where you'd expect them, due to:
  • Human-centric web browser administration
  • Proprietary content management system
  • Fully customisable branding and journeys
  • Integrated analytics & reporting
  • Bi-directional user messaging
  • Live chat support enabled
Using Qualee requires no additional software. Everything HR coordinators need to create a unique engagement experience and manage content is available through a beautifully designed dashboard, accessible from any web browser.

HCM Integrations
For an even more powerful experience, Qualee can also be connected to industry-leading HCM solutions including Workday, PeopleSoft and SuccessFactors through our open API library.

Security Taken Seriously
Data stored by Qualee is secured by enterprise-grade Cloud and mobile encryption technology. The Qualee app is biometric compatible and the Qualee Console supports multi-factor authentication and configurable data protection protocols. Company and user data is encrypted using the latest 256-bit algorithms for data at rest and during transmission. Automated timeouts, time-based data purging, complex password requirements and content usage control are all administrator configurable - and provided as standard on all our plans.

What Makes Qualee Unique
  • Self-service – Qualee operates as a true SaaS model. Our solution allows clients to create and manage their own employee experiences.
  • Customisable – Qualee allows clients to customise both design and content, no need to engage our team to make design/content changes.
  • Mobile – Available on iOS and Android, the Qualee App for staff allows an engagement experience only achievable through a native app, from any location.

Qualee operates with a monthly subscription model. We start with an unlimited free plan for companies up to 10 employees. We have differentiated our paid plans at a competitive price point; each plan is proportionate with capabilities on the platform. For feature customisation and requirements of over 250 users, we are happy to create a customised package.


  1. QUALEE BELONG brings new hires and existing employees up to speed through structured journeys, distributing organisational knowledge through intuitive, time-released learning modules.
  2. QUALEE COMPLY protects your organisation’s reputation by ensuring regulatory requirements are fulfilled efficiently and with confidence, from any location.
  3. QUALEE ENGAGE is our brand new employee engagement solution that uses intelligently distributed micro-surveys to provide companies with real-time, continuous and actionable insights into the driving factors of employee engagement.

For more information, please visit www.qualee.com

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