Enhancing recruitment process by improving the candidate experience & recruiters' productivity



Enhancing recruitment process by improving the candidate experience & recruiters' productivity

Product Highlights

  1. Resume Parser: The deep learning/AI framework that identifies all info from resumes & enriches it through its taxonomies
  2. JD Parser: Extracts parameters from a Job Description & saves the info in the required fields already defined
  3. Search & Match Engine: Allows you to search and match candidates and jobs with great relevancy and accuracy

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Product Summary

RChilli is the Trusted Partner for Parsing, Matching & Data enrichment. Also available on Salesforce AppExchange & Oracle Cloud Marketplace


With a remarkable global presence, RChilli helps businesses in more than 37+ countries explore their full potential. We are known throughout the industry for our unparalleled customer support and devotion to continuous improvement. Our intuitive user experience and customizable platform are what make us stand out in the crowd.

Customers use RChilli to:

  • Improve candidate experience
  • Enhance recruiter’s productivity by up to 80%
  • Reduce manual data entry time by up to 89%

RChilli’s products:

1. Resume Parser: RChilli’s resume parser is a deep learning/AI framework that identifies complete information from resumes and enriches it through its taxonomies. It extracts candidate data from resumes in 140+ data fields through REST API. The process converts an unstructured form of resume data into a structured format.

Benefits of Resume Parser:

  • Candidates can fill profile in less than 10 sec
  • Enhance search results of Solr or Elasticsearch with Taxonomies
  • Easily import millions of resumes overnight
  • Remove unconscious bias through Switch on or off fields
  • Quickly integrate the ‘apply now’ button on your career page
  • Mask resumes before sending to the recruiters
  • Get resume data from emails in less than two seconds
  • Save employees’ time in internal referral

2. JD Parser: Our intelligent JD parsing software extracts parameters from a Job Description and saves the information in the required attributes that are already defined.

Benefits of JD Parser:

  • Enhance candidate experience by showing clear job descriptions to candidates
  • Scale operations through structured job data extracted from the job feed
  • Enhance your search capabilities
  • Get job data from emails in a structured format in seconds

3. Search & Match Engine: It allows you to search and match candidates and jobs with great relevancy and accuracy than simple database searching and matching algorithms.

Benefits of Search & Match Engine:

  • A Smarter Approach to Reach the Right Candidate by Recognizing, Filtering, and Ranking Talent
  • Get Perfect Candidates Similar to the Searched Candidates within a Fraction of Time
  • Find the Perfect Candidate through Skill Mapping, Domain, Location, Education, City, Company, and Job Title
  • Show Highly Relevant Top 10 Candidates to the Recruiters
  • Get All Search Keywords Separately for a More Refined Result of Your Query through Query Analyzer
  • A Safe Backup with a GDPR Compliant Search & Match Engine
  • Broaden the Scope of Your Search Capabilities
  • Get a More Productive Recruiting System

4. Taxonomy: RChilli Taxonomy offers a comprehensive collection of skills and job profiles, along with their related information. At present, it offers 9,00,000+ Skills and 5,50,000+ Job Profiles in multiple languages. Rightly put, it is a comprehensive library of skills and job profiles that is spread across dozens of industries and domains with unlimited individual concepts.

Benefits of Taxonomy:

  • Get keyword recommendations and improve your search results
  • Create extra tags in the search engines, software like Solar/Elasticsearch or custom-built
  • Set a benchmark for storing resumes/jobs with the step-by-step classification of skills/job profiles
  • Get the recommended skills and job titles
  • Get govt. data-ready taxonomies as the product can now easily map with govt databases of USA, Canada, Australia, and the European Union

5. Data Migration: Seamlessly Migrate Data Structures to Your ATS with RChilli data migration. Our data migration service takes care of the complete migration process. We use the best-in-class technology that leaves no chance of the data getting lost during the migration process.

Benefits of Data Migration:

  • Reduces data migration cost for the recruiter
  • Quick synchronization of candidate and jobs data
  • Saves recruiters' time that can be invested in other business activities
  • Simplifies the complex data structures and migrates with ease

Who can use RChilli's parser?

  • ATS/CRM- For reliable large data import for quick on-boarding of new clients.
  • Job boards- For fast sign-ups with remarkable candidate experience.
  • Enterprises- To enhance employer brand using deep learning recruitment plugins.

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