Hire the right people, the right way, right now - through videos!



Hire the right people, the right way, right now - through videos!

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Pre-recorded video interviews save with best user experience for both recruiters and candidates.


RecRight video interviews with pre-recorded and live options help recruiters to see through CV and the real person behind applications, saving 50% of your precious time.  RecRight ATS offers the simplest way to get rid of inbox & spreadsheet recruitment. The ATS embraces videos in job descriptions, application phase and feedback. Both approaches combine a seamless user experience for recruiters and hiring managers.

Hire the right candidates with video interviews 

  1. Create a job ad and receive applications.
  2. Record video interview questions.
  3. Review candidates’ video replies on your own time.
  4. See the real person behind the CV to hire the right candidate.

Three ways to use RecRight in your recruitment

  1. RecRight ATS: RecRight’s ATS is an all-in-one platform to publish jobs, receive applications, and collaborate with your colleagues. Choose the information you want to ask from the candidates and publish your open position. We host your career page and you can easily share the link anywhere. Your employer image improves with efficient candidate communication.
  2. Video interviews: Pre-recorded video interviews allow enterprise hiring teams to see the real person behind the resume. Save time and engage your colleagues with video interviews. The video recruitment platform is built to be secure and operates under the highest level of SSL-security standards. With performance monitoring and regular feature releases, you can be sure that you’re always getting the latest, greatest, and safest video recruitment tool available. RecRight applicant tracking system and video interviewing platform are created according to the GDPR requirements.
  3. Integration: Let your ATS talk seamlessly to your video interview platform. Integrate video interviews to your current applicant tracking system

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Video interviewing


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