Talent not Employees

As an experienced HR Practitioner, you know that every employee is a unique individual. Each talent has their own motivations, dreams and habits.

As good HR practitioners we want to be able to give attention to each person under our care, to help them to overcome challenges, to grow and to excel. However, as a human we only have 24 hours a day, it is challenging to help each talent on an individual basis.

This is where AI can be used to MAGNIFY your great work. We already live in a world where products (Amazon) and shows (Netflix) are catering to each of their individual customers. Why not use that same technology to boost your efforts and cater to each of your individual employees?

How do we do it?
  1. We gather data from all your systems, your Payroll, HRMS, ATS systems. As a home-grown company, we also process excel files and hardcopy paper data if you have any.
  2. Using this data our AI PREDICTs how likely each employee is going to perform or stay with the company.
  3. Finally, our AI recommends the most relevant action that will help that individual stay longer or perform better.

Worried about your HR budget?
We have proven case studies that have shown a 12% to 600% increase in revenues for our clients giving them up to 30,000 times return on investment. Allowing you to easily convince any of the C- level suite.



Individual Management