Salary Board

Accurate Labour Market Insights


Salary Board

Accurate Labour Market Insights

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  1. Recruiter's platform - Market intelligence for recruiters
  2. Employer's platform - Real-time compensation data
  3. Candidate's platform - Tools to understand your worth

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Product Summary

Salary Board empowers better talent and career decisions through a convenient access to accurate labor market insights


Salary Board empowers some of the largest organizations around the world, RPOs, government bodies and tech-enabled start-ups to gain a competitive advantage in the market using its labor market intelligence systems (LMIS) and compensation management solutions.

For analyzing labor market demand, we collect and process in excess of 6 MM unique monthly job posts, across the markets in which we operate: SG, AU, US and UK.

Our supply insights are generated using over 128 MM people profiles that we analyze and update for generate on a monthly basis.

We generate compensation insights using daily synced placement data obtained from recruitment agencies that we partner with, in addition to the HRIS data feeds provided by our existing clients.

In order to accurately analyze the labor market we make use of proprietary systems capable of understanding facts about companies, jobs, responsibilities, schools, 65,000 unique skills etc. and the relationship between them.

Reach out to us at to find out more on how to inform your talent strategies with access to real time compensation, supply and demand data.

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