SelfDrvn was established in 2015 and our mission is to enable a world where employee wellbeing is the key to company success.

We want to help companies develop a thriving workplace culture that can build great employee engagement, recognition, retention and performance. So we have designed a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform that can help organisations improve engagement with their employees and customers through effective communication, gamification and behavioural analytics.

Our product is part technology, part psychology, and part process. We believe that positive empowerment and people- centred strategies is the key to building a successful business.

Data Collection
Understand your employees with actionable, measurable insights. Our social analytics dashboard displays data-driven, actionable insights to measure trends and pinpoint engagement problem areas so you can customise your strategy to improve employee participation. With a click of a button, you can find ways to better employee engagement and improve your ROI

Context Analysis
Analyse easily using visual reports. Allow your talents to request and voluntarily give feedback between peers to improve employee performance. Our feedback system is classified and analysed using context and sentimental analysis, which is displayed in a visual, easy-to-consume word cloud.

Active Participation
Motivate with gamification and contests. Our gamification methods cultivate desirable behaviour and remove the need for formal pulse surveys, making workplace culture definitely more enjoyable. Reward achievements with appreciation badges and redeemable points. Enable anonymous feedback that others can vote on with our ‘Message in a Bottle’ feature. Encourage healthier workplace habits by tracking how many steps you take in the office and view rankings by points achieved!

Live Results
Celebrate achievements openly with recognition Rewards and achievements are automatically published on the internal social newsfeed to be celebrated, which significantly improve talent recognition in your company.

Social Engagement
Fuel great productivity with a social workplace. According to Gallup, having a close friend at work can boost employee productivity by up to 7x. The SelfDrvn platform enables this through an integrated social news feed, online auctions, and daily contests that encourage employees to bond and socialise.

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