Jobs & Talent matched. Intelligently.

Snaphunt makes recruiting faster, more convenient and more accurate for everyone involved.

For employers, Snaphunt acts like a specialist recruitment firm but without any human recruiter. On Snaphunt, a recruiter can generate the perfect job advertisement in just a few clicks and then then sit back while Snaphunt sources and screens talent for them. Snaphunt notifies the recruiter when they have matched applications, and these can be further screened by conducting pre-recorded video interviews on the platform before inviting the final shortlist for face to face interviews. Furthermore, creating a job to getting a perfect shortlist on Snaphunt takes a fraction of the time it takes on other channels.

For jobseekers, Snaphunt acts like a job search concierge. Once they have signed up and completed their profile, they no longer need to spend hours looking at job boards- Snaphunt will propose them jobs that match their profile and they can apply or decline with a simple click. Snaphunt also brings a lot of transparency to recruiting by providing job seekers real time updates on the status of their applications.



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