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StaffAny is a SaaS based solution that helps business owners reduce work dedicated to scheduling and time-tracking and reduce operational costs by minimizing time theft and overtime spend.

Here's a summary of our features:

Schedule your staff in one click
  • Automatic updates on staff schedule and detection of clashing shifts
  • Shift reminders to pro-actively remind your team before their shift starts
Track time accurately
  • Easy clock in on mobile device via one of 3 methods – QR Code, GPS, or WiFi
  • Smart matching, auto-clock out, unauthorised clock in prevention and intelligent rounding - stop time theft and reduce costs
  • Trace staff records as we keep an audit trail of all changes and records
Smart timesheets
  • Automated timesheet multi-outlet consolidation
  • Integration with other payroll providers or your own payslip tools
Get real time reports
  • Live updates from ground staff easily exportable anytime for payroll
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